Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah Are Destroying Islam (LIVE with Robert Spencer, 7:00pm ET)

David Wood and Robert Spencer will be LIVE at 7:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Mohammed Hijab’s abuse of women and Ali Dawah’s call for ex-Muslims to be executed.

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islam is socialism with a god.

Are you father son?

So-called, “peaceful” Christians use that excuse as a smokescreen for their cowardice in the face of evil. The Bible has many fine examples of confronting evil, sometimes forcefully, in both the Old and New Testament. The NT clearly states that a coward’s fate is the lake of fire (Hell)…they ARE the lukewarm.

Jesus Christ is a Prophet in Islam and has nothing to do with Christianity

No one makes a better job of making people islamophobic than Ali Dawah & Mohammad Hijab!

“Robert Spencer”…very English-sounding indeed, except you’re not, are you? Stay true to yourself and use your original name. You don’t have to repackage yourself for the Western world. We’ll still consider you despite your Turkish roots, as long as you “do not bear false witness against your neighbor”.


Bobby Spence: Best. Laugh. Ever.

God bless you David and Robert, much appreciated for serving our LORD God in Christian Apologetics.

These generation really exposed qur’an…that is why islam is keeping the book so secret because its not written intellegently…funny book…

And how “charitable “ is it to see Muslims blindly being led hell and do nothing to help them consider whether they really have the truth or not? B :pray:t2::pray:t2::cry:

Robert Spencer should do more videos. Videos are more convenient to use for so many reasons.

Right to freedom is bs ? Lol he says it sitting in UK …islam is allowed to be spread there because of freedom Lol

any religion that prohibits questioning is hiding something. SPECIALLY if they kill their critics. why then would you be violent unless you are hiding the truth? barbaric religion only for non intellectuals.

Ali Dawah and Muhammad Hijab should be fucking deported. Neither of them belong in Britain

Ali Dawah et al,should realise that it is not only Islam that has the prerogative of violence others have it too.If violence is stepped up against those calling for the murder of their fellow human beings ,it is very certain Ali Dawah and fellow fools will shut up.

Ali Dawah no doubt is insane and clearly a fool. It is so unfortunate that Islam has no credible and intelligent person to defend it; both old and the young who have come on youtube are ignorant and deceptive in their approach.

You idiots…do you all wonder why no muslim is taking David wood and others like him so serious??? Its cause we watch your so called anti-islam videos and pretty much laugh LMAO its so sad…all you Christians cannot win a single damn debate against a Muslim. This idiot spent 20 yrs of his life researching quran only to be shutdown by Muhammad Hijab under 5mins. Mate I feel bad for you

I really enjoy watching this video. Especially the part where David chews on a piece of the Quran