Mohammed Hijab and Allah the Man-God (Part 1)

Self-styled “academic researcher” Mohammed Hijab says he doesn’t know about Islamic scholars claiming that Allah has a literal face, eyes, hands, legs, etc. In this live-stream, David Wood and Anthony Rogers help Hijab further his research by discussing Allah’s physical attributes.

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Here is a story which describes what is wrong, right, and interesting about people. I was in a youth group, and a kid I was talking to brought up the subject of the Trinity. He said he does not believe in the Trinity and believed only in the Godhead. I said “Ok, so describe this Godhead to me.” He goes on to describe the doctrine of the Trinity to the letter. I started to get a headache. So, I say, “You do know that…” and he cuts me off. He says, “I know what you are about to say. I hear you. We believe in the same thing. Did you ever see the movie Into The Wild?” I learned so much about people that day. It still gives me a headache thinking about it.

What did Satan expect to happen when he entered the statue’s mouth if it was actually Allah?

The podcast in which I learned that Allah has a mouth and a solid arse…

Not funny b####

Allah is not a man he is not like his creation :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

MohaMUD the mangina-gawd.

What does he mean when he says the Quran is also a hadith?

All hail to David Wood the word of Allah all the way from India​:grin::grin::joy:. Joke’s apart MaY my Lord Jesus bless you and keep you both Sir.

Allah is not the Man-God because God is Omnipotent to manifest as Man-God but Allah is Make-God because God cannot Limit His powers by saying Muhammad is the last prophet and He won’t send any one else ever. This is a Limitation upon the powers of God which even God cannot do. In fact God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient and as such can be present anywhere, can be anything and knows the past present and future. But Allah does not understand the love of people calling Him God or by any other name proves Allah’s ignorance. So, He is a Make-God not substantially God.

Yes cancer cells grow faster than healthy cell. But die quickly.

Wow greetings to EVEN Mohammad Hijab :laughing: David Wood such a nice man​:fist:

Trinity in a nutshell Jesus is the son of god
Jesus is god
God is angry or wants to forgive people for their sins but still be Just (ie punish someone) So he sends down his son Cause obvi u should punish ur son when someone else does a mistake.
OBVIOUSLY But jesus is god So the father sends down himself Cause why not punish ur human clone, right?
Anyway jesus or son of god or god is born Mary is breastfeeding jesus Mary is breastfeeding god The one who created her breast is suckling of her breast. Cause why not.
The creater of the world obvi has to go through all these things to forgive people. The son grows up and eats and drinks and sleeps like normal humans Obvi preparing to die. He reminds people about the commandments and tells them to stav away trom many sins But who cares
Cause he is gonna die for their sins anyway So let them do whatever they want to right. He tells them to pray to g PROSTRATING But why not tell them to prostrate to himself cause he is god right?
Someone asks him about the final hour He said he doesnt know, the angels in the heaven dont know Only the father knows. The father is god But jesus is god Why did one part of god not have some
information the other one does!
What about the holy spirit?
The son dies on the cross asking why god would abandon him. But he is god So he is having a chat with himself while he dies!!
Jesus dies For the sins of the people so god, ie jesus can forgive them. So he is dying to protect the people of his own wrath So The son of god dies But he is also god, so god dies
I mean god is killed by humans Or did god not know that was gonna happen? So that means jesus or son of god or God committed suicide.
God was dead for some time. Who was taking care of everything? The father Who is that? God But jesus died But he is the son of god Who is jesus?

The reason why we cannot understand the nature of god through trinity is because it isnt the truth It isnt fitrah (natural inclination) of humans to understand this as we are born believing in one true creator to whom we should submit. so Trinity is something that just doesnt make sense to our soul May The God guide us all

“gangrene spreads quickly, that doesn’t make it legitimate”

Islam is pure idolatry.

if you please I need the link to this hadith “Allah palm on M back” in English and Arabic

Hate Islam for Humanity.
Not the Muslim.

I have found that these videos are getting Islamic dawah adverts before them as well. It seems that someone is paying good money to get the first word in. Just had a British Muslim asking people on the street about whether Muslims believe in Jesus, with nice Christmas snow as background the graphics posing the questions. You traction seeems to be evident

The Koran is gobbledygook.
Reading it, torturous.
There are quite a few Muslims on here, defending it.
Which leads me to believe they’ve never read it.