Mohammed Hijab and Allah the Man-God Part 4 (8:00pm Eastern Time)

Muslim apologist Mohammed Hijab doesn’t know that Allah has literal body parts. In this series, David Wood and Anthony Rogers explain Islamic theology to Hijab by quoting Islamic sources and scholars.

This is so interesting because of Moses how he had to wear a scarf over his face because it was so bright.

That does not make sense Jewish people do not think that way. אלוקים מובן באופן מטפורי

G-d is incorporeal without form, does not have a body. There are many references to G-d in bodily form, which should be taken to help humans understand.

Humans are limited in language and it should be obvious that it is a metaphor

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Washington DC I saw haters on another chat David.

This series is awesome.

Allah the pagan pre Islamic one of many gods and the Quran that borrowed all it’s stories from other non Islamic sources.

From Pakistan.

:boy:t2:- :bearded_person:+curly hair​:person_tipping_hand:+:dress:= Allah in all his glory? hmmmm :thinking:

Allah must have p#nis. And would f muhammad

The more I watch your videos the more I see that Islam is pure horse fodder. There is no sense to made of any of it. I can see how studying this nonsense would drive one insane.

Humans are unable to comprehend gods image. It is beyond our mind capicity.
The scripture is so we can understand i guess

I will be here my brother, after all I’m a medical doctor lol greetings from the United Kingdom

I’m not saying Mr. Hijab is a homosexual, and I’m not saying he isn’t. Heck! Whatever works for him, works for him! Watch this YouTube video. Link Below! :point_down:

It’s okay guys, perhaps because I am a stern Christian believer, without respect of persons, David, ma not be trying to hear me. So, i I advise him to sue ABC, he may choose to ignore me because it is me saying it, however, Acts17… does have an appreciable impact on Muslims world wide, and every Muslim I know has heard of him, and so, therefore, because I see that David’s strenuous efforts may encounter a wall of dispute, thus the best way to counter that strategy is to take, and establish the moral high-ground. The best way to do that is to take down a globally know giant target germane to his platform, and thus, as the most out spoken qualified critique of ABC’s, Diane Sawyer, allowing his case to be proven correct before a larger audience whom can defend his persecution should it ever come to that; but if it doesn’t what better way to put the world’s most slippery, lying, prevalence of deception on the stand.

I would open my case with a motion to prevent her Muslim experts from swearing on the Qur’an due to its support for Takeyya, (unholy deception)which would educate all public leaders to that fact, ending Qu’ran swearing…

Sorry for my long winded mssg, I am a writer, and if my suggestion alone isn’t enough to David into forming the corporal comity & legal team to attack, then my fellows in Christ, we together must urge him to move forward with that strategic attack, I see the world of Islam and the world of politics, riveting at every pontification from both sides, being finally educated about the Islamic phenomenon. but in a righteous venue of Christianity on the moral high ground exposing the newcomer Islam, whom having the burden to prove that it isn’t the cult of death that it is… The ramifications will be endless credulously reestablishing Christianity as a protector of man, and Islam as the yet again defeated weasel from the proverbial children coop (the defenseless minds of the clueless whom know nothing of Islamic archaicism it seeks to establish)…

My book, ‘The Silent War’ coming soon.

Muslim: 'How can allah have a son with no wife?"
Human: “Well, allah promotes rape, and prostitution, so the sick fuck wouldn’t need a wife. Allah is Satan. Satan has no son”

allah will lift up whatever is obstructing his shin.