Mohammed Hijab and Allah the Man-God Part 5 (8:00pm Eastern Time)

Anthony Rogers and David Wood will conclude their discussion about the physical nature of Allah (which “academic researcher” Mohammed Hijab doesn’t seem to know about) by playing clips of Muslim scholars who admit that Allah has literal hands, literal eyes, etc.

Fellow Muslims, have you heard the good news about Allah’s gonads? Don’t believe me? Check out that SHIN!!

Allah’s parts have to be indistinguishable from human parts. If Satan and the other angels could not distinguish Adam from Allah until Satan passed through him and found him to be hollow, then he was by necessity like Allah in appearance.

lame logic by lame atheists. You guys dont understand metaphors. And salafis like muhammad hijab doesnt represent islam.

Wood is trying very very hard to regain some after being totally destroyed

allah will show his/its shin. What a awful vision!!! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Illuminati guys go on.

As long as the lies is been revealed. David go ahead.

What a load of crap. When you can’t explain your tri God then resort to insults. This man is an idiot

Interesting that any Muslim will say Christ was a prophet (second to
Muhammad) and yet reject everything he said. (I am the way ect) They
claim to believe the Old Testament yet they ignore writings that
specifically warn of the false prophet Muhammad “The Satan can appear
as an angel of light” <-(Literally only one ideology on the planet
based on a prophet seeing an angel of light)
Also; Claiming Islam is a religion is like claiming Communism is an
economic system. It IS, but it is also a system of government, a system
of laws, and a world view. There are about 50 officially Islamic
nations, and all of them lead to the same conditions. Not, some good,
some bad- but consistent results of murderous oppressive intolerant
culture. The only “Moderate Muslims” exist in places like the U.S. where
the practices are not forced, and diversity is welcomed. To pretend the
exceptions are representative of the norm is disingenuous at best.
So let’s stop pretending this is a religious issue and outlaw this evil practice aimed at world domination.
Every place “the nation of Islam” has conquered they built a mosque. A mosque sits on the former location of Israel’s temple. A mosque sits in NYC across from the world trade center.
This is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, pedophilian nationalist ideology based on open border citizenship and bent on world domination. I say everyone should recognize “The nation of Islam” as the muslims do, so we can declare war on that nation properly rather than be stuck in a quagmire pretending Islam is about religious beliefs.


Islam is bias.

Truth can not be bias (not one).


As cats are very sensitive animals if a cat wouldn`t walk on the Quran it could be that the cat could sense the evil from it

allah fake god n mohammed false prophet

Mohammad is hiding on top of the sun. In the sparkling water. If someone want to see him. Go to the west. And you see some kids there. And he is there

I’d love to hear you’re arguments without any hate in your heart. Is this what Christianity is about? Full of hate and hypocrisy?

as a Hindu if u ask who is good Jesus or Mohamed I choose 100 time Jesus

And whos the other clown David brought …?:roll_eyes:

In light of all the rage of the “Spider-Verses” lately, I am convinced that Muhammad actually received the criterion from a Symbiote with all the “Royal We’s” running rampant in the Qur’an. It also helps explain the black stone very well, and why Mahmoud thought at first he was being choked by a demon!

Run Muhammad Hijab is coming to smash you. You were silent and senseless in the debate like a third grader but here you misgude people by conveying wrong information just like your question you asked hijsab and gave you charity of 1.5 minute and you like a looser took it because you knew that you can not prove ur self in 8 minutes.

islam is a bootleg religion