Mohammed Hijab and Divine Plurality in the Old Testament (8:00pm Eastern Time)

Contrary to popular Muslim opinion, the Old Testament does not promote unitarianism. Indeed, there is a clear plurality in God’s nature, and this was understood by many Jews in the ancient world. In this livestream, David Wood and Anthony Rogers discuss the implications of divine plurality on Islamic apologist Mohammed Hijab’s claims.

He destroyed you David, just accept it. Your argument was weak and nonsensical

The Holy Spirit in Old Testament: “…and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” - Genesis 1:2
Plurality in the Old Testament: “Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, according to our likeness” - Genesis 1:26

Hijab lied about the meaning of Elijah…just look it up. He implied Elijah means God with us. This is not true. Elijah means Jehovah is my God. If he lied about this, then it means he does not give a damn about his credibility.

islam is monotheist but polygamist
Christianity monotheist and monogamist
— action speaks louder than words
(Trinity is three manifestation of one God)

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David Wood.
Be very careful who you take information from

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When Ananias said you lied to the Holy Spirit . The verse simply implies that God’s spirit who dwells in us so when lied to its being really done to God since it is his Spirit is given to us. This definitely does not imply that the Spirit is a person. Its God’s mind and power that’s why Jesus said in the Book of Acts that the Holy Spirit is God’s Power to unable us to do all required to live holiness and preach God’s Kingdom with Power. In all of the Epistles nowhere is blessing given in the Holy Spirit’s name just the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

David Wood kept his cool against M. Hijab, great respect. I thought muslims would do that, but you see the true face of muslims through M. Hijab. Word twisting and lying…

The more Muslim’s claim Muhammad to be in Scriptures which are speaking about Yeshua they only prove Muhammad an AntiChrist. :eye::red_circle::eye:

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Hi! The God of the Bible is neither one nor three persons in one God. Deut 6:4 say Hear O Israel the Lord your God is one God. Here God is not speaking one as in number but one of a kind and one in mind and purpose. The Bible God is Binitarian i.e. The Father and Son (2 persons) in one God but the Holy Spirit is not the third person but the power and mind of God. No where in the Bile is the Holy Spirit sitting on a throne nor the NT in the opening/closing blessing in the Epistles blesses in the name of the Holy Spirit but instead it says Blessing in the name of our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

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Great content

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