Mohammed Hijab and the Deification of Muhammad

Islam supposedly condemns “excess in religion.” However, according to Muslim sources, Muhammad’s followers showed excessive devotion towards him. They would rub his saliva on their faces, collect his hair and ablution water, and even drink his blood. Oddly enough, Muslims don’t consider this idolatry or shirk. David Wood, Mohammed Hijab, and Anthony Rogers discuss the issue.

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See here’s the problem if a prophet were to bleed than it would be holy blood of Christ for example.

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Bro you have no knowledge of Islam. You don’t know the difference between a historical event or commandment in the Quran. Instead of being a non biased scholar, rather, you are a bigot who is targeting Islam when there is more contradiction with whatever ideology you follow than what you preach against. You and David woods are the ones spreading hate and judging 1.9 billion people.