Mohammed Hijab and the History of Jihad (with Robert Spencer!)

Mohammed Hijab claims that, whereas Christianity spread through violence, Islam spread “organically.” Is this correct? David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the issue.

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Crusaders we’re catholic not Christian

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

Catholics aren’t christians

Sad that their dawahists don’t even know grade school history.:woman_facepalming:

Hijab is a LIAR

Every time Robert smiles it’s glorious.

Your book is misleading if the Muslim of India at that time were oppressing Hindus to change their religion or face conflict then why is India majority Hindus you are so jealous of Muhammad and your hatred for lslaam is so much that you will make trouble for two religions to stay at peace with one another stop attacking lslaam and write something that is of sense not nonsense

Stay safe you guys don’t know a tiny little bit of what the true religion teaches and reveals in its authentic form . You can blabber away all you want, There is no compulsion in religion. Read: Qur’anic passage (2:256)

War is deceit! Thanks gentlemen for speaking the truth.

3 years on & i m watching this. Without the crusades, we all would be kissing Allah’s a*** and become muslims. Imagine the christians n jews of ME were driven out of mecca n medina. Aren’t the barbaric muslims the enemy to everyone else including rival muslims sects?

The reason why, ppl leave christianity…jesus is about love, jesus is about the truth…yet theyre spreading lies and hate lol

Islam is a religion of war period !!!

Yearly reminder the Crusades were justified. :+1:t2:

love your books robert thank you so mach from israel hoope to see the, in hebrow

Islam is a religion from the pit of HELL. No doubt. Boko Haram are Christian, lSiS are Christian, a bi, Muhammad slaughtered how many people? Why did the Jewish woman poison Mohamed? Islam is a religion of violent. A violent religion will soon perished.

Hey David, ur forgetting the Sikhs…

Stay away from Islam far away Satan’s Cult .

Muhammad Hijab is right and White Christians will deny this.