Mohammed Hijab Goes to Hebrew School

Mohammed Hijab speaks confidently about the Hebrew language in his “Trinity or Tawhid?” debate with David Wood. But does Mr. Hijab have any clue what he’s talking about? Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

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You are destroyed david

Confidently lying…
And i think he confused Emmanuel and Elijah.

Misinterpretation of Hijab about ELOHIM is plural actually, that is One in the Three Persons & the Three Persons is as One, but interprets in singular as One God. That is a huge mistake of Hijab.

Problem with language that’s it ? David wood still got destroyed and you’re only trying to escape the main facts from. I feel pity on you!! Learn to accept the defeat that’s where you know how to win. Stop doing the same mistakes!

So how do we believe that you’re right ? You could be the one like wood Making out stuffs

3.5 years later and Hijab is still a complete fool. Well done Anthony.

hijab lied. he didnt get anything wrong

Hijab boy is finished :white_check_mark: :rofl:

So Hijab, with inflated pride and a false sense of accomplishment, arrogantly and pompously insulted David before the crowd about his arabic and Hebrew…

But then BUTCHERS the Shema then gives a BUTCHERED translation of his butchered Hebrew shema AND then BUTCHERED the meaning/interpretation of the BUTCHERED translation of the BUTCHERED Hebrew Shema?!

Oh My… where is Steven He?!
Hijab is a FAILURE!

All I have to say to Hijab is, quarter pounder with cheese, hold the pickle and a medium pepsi and yes, I would like fries with that.

Hes got an arrogance to em. It’s annoying. I can tell he’s not a nice guy to be around. He’s like the loud kids in the back of the bus. He thinks he knows it all🤣

He didn’t say formal education, he said that Wood didn’t know Arabic or Hebrew, you’re skewing Hijab’s words into making him a hypocrite.

In debate you should go once more :joy::joy::joy: man u has no shame at all :joy::joy:

Keep up the great work

hypocrisy and ignoranced aree in all with this channel

Y’all so salty your boy David got embarrassed by facts that you’re cherry picking anything. Delusion is such an illness.

I believe Shabir Ali is the only muslim debater who doesn’t lie…

This Proven Hijab is a Liar

These videos are such crap. David, Anthony and coward Sam, start sending your best person to the debates or stop doing them. These pathetic “after the fact” videos are so stupid.