Mohammed Hijab Is Trying to Get Us Banned from Patreon!

Mohammed Hijab, the Golden Boy of Islamic Apologetics, is trying to get us banned from Patreon.

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Mohammed Hijab’s video (“How to Report Patreon Funding of David Wood and Apuss”): - YouTube

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When the loudest Muslim apologist cannot end us with his unconvincing beliefs, he calls for help to shut us down instead. People are proud of this guy? What an embarassment.

Great video ! I noticed your shirt, just pointing out Johnny Cash actions were Anti Christ if you reflect on his life, just like Elvis Presley , research these American idols B4 supporting them (Good Fight Ministries on YT exposes the fruit of these musicians)

Hijab=real weiner. What a wimp

Golden Shower Boy Mohammed Hijab🙂

The Brilliant Takedown of Mohammed Hijab!


Seeing Karma in action…Show Hate = you get MORE Hate, Hijab this is so simple. I think all Hindu will agree that David is an Avatar.

Im Proud of that!!!

Imagine Mohammed Hijaab’s wife and children leave Islam. He’ll probably commit suicide.

I believe in Christ for a reason that many would find very strange. I believe because as i read the bible it all MADE PERFECT SENSE ! Another religion i can think of only makes sense if you’re a 14 year old boy, the one in which heaven consist of boozing it up with hot babes!

MH is being good in exposing Islam!

M Hijab behaviour is the answer to “WHY THE CRUSADES?”.

when confronted with the truth and facts… they start threatening people. biggest cry baby…:laughing::laughing:

If a man calls his wife to his bed, and she refuses to come, the angels curse her until morning comes." — al-Bukhari, 3065

what basically DW supporters have to do here is
watch that M. HIJAB VS DAVID WOOD debate being a neutral person. Then think yourself using your brain

You are focusing on muhmd hijab like eagle focus on his aim i always start laughing whenever i watch your videos on hijab it reminds me tom nd jerry :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: God bless you bro love from India :grin:

DW might not be childish enough to report m. Hijab to patron and get him kicked off, but I am​:joy::rofl:

You will know them by their fruits.

What can he do?He is just imitating PEDOMO.