Mohammed Hijab, the Gospel of John, and the Only True God

In his debate with David Wood on the topic “Trinity vs. Tawhid,” Muslim debater Mohammed Hijab admitted that the Gospel of John teaches the doctrine of the Incarnation (God entering creation as Jesus of Nazareth). Nevertheless, Hijab goes on to say that the Gospel of John denies the deity of Christ in John 17:3. What are we to make of these inconsistent claims? Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

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Man, this is some serious bs twisting here. Mind blown that anyone can believe this lol

Muhammad hijab is such an un likeable person.

He wouldn’t give credit to a book 65 years after his death but would believe a book hundreds of years after in a completely different area with no eye witnesses of Jesus???

They have Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with HIM Everyday !:laughing::laughing:

Hijab is a f joke :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: quran i shit on it :joy::joy::joy:

I am not making fun of the Gentleman combing his goatee, but the guy combing that horrific beard I think of yesterdays dinner coming out crusty and landing on the floor.

There’s a new series in Netflix called How To Become a Tyrant. The series introduce us with a playbook on the mattered subject. Man, i bet you’ll find all that list in the playbook suites precisely on what Muhammad has done…

Yet, your argument is still floored. Quoting Greek…which I’m sure Jesus was so fluent and well versed in…talk about the language HE spoke in. Then im sure it would make sense.

wowwww I cant believe he just left out the rest of john 17:3

David if you can be as blunt in debates as you are in your YouTube videos that would be great :joy:Muhammad ‘won’ because of his voice and sass.

Not surprising, hijab acts only according to his prophet :joy: hypocrisy.

Brilliant. Anthony Rogers has a extraordinary mind…way above weaklings like mohammad “holes in the narrative” hijab.

Your very first point about the dating of John, is one of many reasons that I believe that Revelation is describing the events that took place from 63-70 AD.

Excuse me. This is only some parts of the debate. U should upload the whole debate so that ull understand the whole story. Another stupid person on earth. Funny…Hijab won the whole entire debate. Admit it. U cant even prove christian = trinity.
David wood just go around the bushes. Again try to confuse people. He himself didnt look convinced with his own statements and justification. Pity u and David wood. 20 years studied islam still cannot proved islam is false religion.

I spit :joy:

Johns Gospel was definately written after Christ Ascension. And we know exactly who John is, namely the youngest of the twelve. He not only wrote the Gospel but also the revelation. How do we know that? Well that it is handed down to us as part of the tradition of the Orthodox Church which has the authority through the apostolic succession. We even know where he wrote it, namely on the Greek Island of Patmos in Greece, where he was imprisoned. If you find yourself traveling to Greece, go visit the Island of Patmos. It is the Island with the biggest monastery of the dodecanese which is built around the place where the apostle received his revelation. Now here’s the thing with why the apostle John is a very strong witness for the argument of Jesus being infact the second person of the trinity, namely that he was there with the circle of the 12. He lived with Christ in the flesh for three years. In that regard his argument is even stronger than for example those of the apostle Luke who was not among the twelve or of those statements in regards of even the apostle Paul. This Mohammad Hijab is a very deceiving guy, not understanding that he infact is even deceiving himself.

Lol that’s so funny