Mohammed Hijab's War on Women (and Why His Attacks Aren't Helping Islam)

Mohammed Hijab has been posting photographs insulting and attacking the wives of ex-Muslims (such as the Apostate Prophet, Abdullah Sameer, and Abdullah Gondal). Hijab declares that freedom of speech allows him to insult and degrade women and to use sexually perverse and violent imagery (including imagery of rape and torture) in his attacks. In this livestream, we discuss Hijab’s posts, and explain that such an approach is not in his best interest, since such an escalation of rhetoric could also be used to attack the Quran and Muhammad. Let’s Hope that Mr. Hijab comes to his senses and doesn’t continue on this path.

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Love you David you are doing great job👍

1:49:59 on the Day of Judgment they will regret what they did​:broken_heart::kaaba:

Jesus Christ the only man in recorded history who never sinned?!

Who’s Muhammad? A liar and a sinner!

The Koran is a lie of the Papacy hence the Catholic Church whom are the corrupters of Christianity!

The Islamic people of the middle east today are the weak; the charlatans; the liars; the perverts; the degenerates of their societies because Christianity came to them first?!

Christianity being the follow on/ continuation of the Jewish faith was known to all mankind of antiquity! Of that region/ area.

[It was not Muhammad whom made you aware of idol worship; the Israelites story is part of the very fabric of your histories; they are cousins to many of your tribes?!]

When the disciples came through after the crucifixion and performed all those miracles (in the name of Our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ) and turned that entire region of the middle east into the first Christian communities?

One can deduce that When the Islamic crusades of the Ottomans as well; when the Catholic crusades came through; the strong Christians died as martyrs as they would not be moved from the TRUTH they were shown and convicted of by the Holy Spirit!

But It was the left overs; the merchants who would not part with their wealth; the Charlatans; the perverted ones; the vice keepers; the weak; the confused, the simple minded and the derelicts left behind etc that became Muslims and Catholics!

Those are the FACTS!

Deal with it as you please! Do your research and stop promoting this fairytale!

The fact that you peoples upload such gibberish in contrast to Gods Word the Holy Bible shows your ignorance is profound?!

The literature is written like fairytales; Wizard of oz typescript and phrasings and you believe they can be quoted next to or beside holy writings?

Are you people mad?

Open your eyes man; complete and utter garbage and you people want to quote this in public?

Christ has one sermon recorded In Matthew chapter 5:6:7;

Pls read that (let alone the entire Bible) and understand the difference between God speaking to mankind and a book philosophising about what they think God said or meant?

The format is speculative and childish in structure; like something a child would say or think? Fairytale like; lalaland.

The byzantine empire was just Eastern Rome of Constantinople!

They gave you guys Islam and Western Papal Rome corrupted Christianity and called it Catholic!

Who came before whom?

Check out the similarities between your two religions and realise they are the same church!

A lie!

Come out of this rubbish fellow traveller!

The Papal Roman Church was called out in the 1600s as the ‘antichrist’ power of the book Revelation in the Bible!

Eastern Rome gave you guys Islam! Western Rome corrupted Christianity and called it Catholic!

Catholicism is a corruption of Christianity!
Check this study out?!

The Bible does not respect any other religion except Judaism and Christianity which is the follow on of Judaism; after Christ crucifixion!

We do not acknowledge your Allah or Islam or any other religion for that matter!

We are courteous as to being sanctimonious overlords over every other religion? For we are commanded to turn the other cheek and commissioned to share the good news!

There is only one Truth! Not two? Its either yours; the others or the…

Judaeo-Christian God whom have given us a written eyewitness of himself in the person of Jesus Christ; not only through the Torah and the Bible but through the Israelites and now Christianity as the continuation and fulfilment of prophecy!

The lie is Catholicism (pagan christianity) and Islam by default as it was created by the Jesuits priests of the Catholics!

Know the TRUTH! The FACTS!

Check out these lectures by a man whom himself was a denier; went out to research and shut down Christianity and the body of that research he titled “Total Onslaught”

The most comprehensive body of research you will ever come across; may God open your eyes to know his Truth fellow traveller!

A Witness

Walter Veith
Watch his Testimonial …
Look up:

  • Total Onslaught Series’ [36, 1 and 1/2hr lectures; over 70 now]
  • From Evolution to Creation
  • Malta Connection (Crete to Malta Series)
  • Whats up prof?
    Research Organization '
    May God open your eyes to his Word and grant you understanding to know nd trust in him implicitly!
  • Share wth your families nd friends
  • This is the template to all conspiracy theories; (they keep breaking off, never staying the course!)
    Watch it nd be ye emancipated neighbour!
  • God has given us a written witness of himself in The Bible!
    Jesus Christ says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.” Amen!

Wait, what did Hijab do to Alex?

Paid by Jews​:joy::joy: Muslims have so much obsession with Jews. Jews don’t have a problem with Muslims. Israel and Palestine maybe Jews against Muslims in the eyes of Muslims but it is not like this for Jews.

1:50:00 You’re welcome.

you truly are walking in darkness when youre without Christ, no wonder so many fall for islam. its to fulfill wicked desires not to be spiritually transformed.

islam doesn’t call for the downfall of our civilization; it calls for the downfall of civilization. The similarities between muslim intolerance and that of Leftists in the US is instructive. They both worship the same “god.”

I was gonna say…the number of people converting to Islam is about the same converting to Christianity. and the high growth rate is due to a high birth rate

(Epic music playing*)

Matthew 7 vs 15-20

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them."

Mohammad’s life and actions produced precisely the opposite of God’s values.

2:03:40 Cosmic Skeptic and Matt Dilahunty? What is this all about?

Mohammed Hijab will forever be The Golden Shower Boy🙂

That fool still trying to piss on you guys?

I think if him and I were the last people on earth, I would end my life before being forced to do anything with him!

the mere thought of pissing on a quran makes my bladder twitch.:joy::joy::joy:

Muhammad: The great Unitor xD

you do very smart and valuable content I want to understand all things what you say but english it is not my parental language and I understand less then half. if you switch on subtitles and option of translation of this subtitles, it will be cool and I think more people in other countries get your interesting messages.
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