Monty Python and the Holey Quran!

Arguments for the Quran have been chopped to pieces in recent years. And yet Muslim apologists and scholars are pretending that nothing has changed. This reminds me of a scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” where the infamous “Black Knight” kept losing body parts, but insisted that everything was fine!

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We need to see the scene with the questions of the dawah bridgekeeper. When did Jesus say I am God - worship me, etc.

David, I really like the Copernicus mug. In school, too often scientists like Copernicus were portrayed being at odds with Christianity. This mug captures the true reason scientists work so hard to reveal the full beauty of His creations.

Serious question. Let’s assert, for the sake of question, the Islamic faith as we know it absolutely implodes in the next 6 years, leaving behind ONLY jihadies and former muslims…

What kind of power vacuum would that leave behind in islam-dominated parts of the world? What sort of cultural catastrophe might occur in its wake?

Would the very notion of religion collapse entirely, leaving a godless, valueless wasteland? Or perhaps The Old Ways would re-emerge, and paganism or polytheism of some stripe would come to the fore?


As if Christianity is any better.

Unfortunately you are wrong: it’s other way around: islam is winning and growing but all others who claim victory over islam ar losing like in this video.

0:05 For nearly 14 centuries, muslim leaders have been able to keep their people INSULATED, protected from hearing criticisms against islam, and from hearing serious presentations of alternatives to islam.

Because we spit the COLD hard facts, amirite?

His stupid, stupid book. Lol. Yasir is trying to suggest in every way to not feel the need to watch David’s videos so they don’t get set free. Saying don’t watch them please, he doesn’t need to be refuted. Lol

We should not fight Islam too hard. If Islam goes away and if all Muslims leave Islam, then what will we do with all of our spare time?

Sad,only 195 muslims watch this video…

No one expects the Preservation Problems

Man doesn’t even know how to spell holy :rofl:

Yeah but threw Islam i have a white BMW so it has to be true.

David God is using you and it’s great my pet peeve is Islam and I am fed up with their victim hood their bully boy behaviour and self righteous know it all generally.its nobody’s business if you want to be Christian.typical they curse in this life and the next.keep on trucking

Iran has a lower birth rate than Germany. Much of the Arab world isn’t far behind. So even this growth won’t last long

This is brilliant

I meant go for it sorry

After listening to Dr Woods description of the non prophet and epileptic plagiarist old child lover Mo.
I realise that Muhammad’s perfectly suited for a career in politics!:joy: