Morning Shave

Time for my morning shave.

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he did that for Saitama not for his friend …

I was like “what on earth David” then I realize that Nabeel was in that photo. You look like a soldier that is about to end Mohammed’s whole career

Shaved to support his friend. He looks like he’s a soldier going into a combat situation too. Nabeel was a lucky guy to have friends like David. RIP Nabeel and thanks for your inspiration

Straight razor… my kinda guy!!!

Awesome David… please let us know where we can continue watching your videos and talks

Acts17Apologetics what’s this got to do with Islam shave your widows peak david

Friends like you are hard to come by David God bless u

I teared :pensive::cry:up watching you! You loved your friend so much!

Is that why Saitama is in your profile picture?

I always thought 100 push ups, sit up and a 10k run too extreme.
This was a very helpful alternative. :+1:


Here almost two years after the video was posted. Nabeel is in a much better place. Isaiah 57 1 & 2.


I thought it was a Quran explanation about to shave like MOHAMMED did…:neutral_face:
Anyway, glad to see not using GILLETTE :wink:


What is he doing?

What a true friend! God bless U David! :pray::raised_hands:

Point well made

Oooww it’s only now I understand the profile pic ! Okay God bless you David.