Mufti Abu Layth’s Family and Home Attacked by Terrorists

Last Sunday, a group of terrorists attacked the home of Muslim scholar Mufti Abu Layth. The attack was incited by Mufti Abu Layth’s critics, who deceptively edited some of his comments about Israel and the Palestinians. David Wood discusses the issue.

To watch Mufti Abu Layth’s response to the attack on his family and home (“They Invaded My Home”), click here: They Invaded My Home - YouTube

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Who do you think incited the attack on Mufti Abu Layth’s home and family?

2:20 :joy::joy:

How has he not left islam? He’s clearly an honest man

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

thats stupid shia and david wood get money to destroy muslim

They made me proud

He was probably hiding under his daughters bed


Bro, even before watching this video, I was thinking about your safety. Can you please arm you and your family with guns if you haven’t already? You are a very likely candidate to be targeted by the… “extremists”. They might behead your whole family in the middle of the street. Don’t turn the other cheek. Arm yourselves and fight back. PREPARE to defend your family against such an attack. DO NOT live in ignorance and think, “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” Forget martial arts. GUNS. Or at least training with lethal weapons that you carry with you at all times. I’m watching all your videos and sharing it to everyone. Keep fighting the good fight.


your mother is green " you know what KOYAK", even ILUMINATI & ISRAEL also KOYAK you know ?

They have everyone, even specialists an intellects too scared to even speak their minds.

I watching this my faith get stronger more stronger with Jesus and bible. Mufti Abu Layth tell the truth actually.

Sadly he doesn’t know the Meaning Jihad in Islam its means inner struggle trying to be a better person This guy got too much hate for Islam and Very limited Sense Making it look like these boys are really good Muslims these Boys are deluded young ladz who went too far and it got nothing to do with Islam
Allah is the Right way Allah is the Most Merciful the all Merciful Jesus is out Prophet :heart_eyes: Thanks but no Muslim will take christ as a Lord his our Beautiful Beloved Prophet :raised_hands:

It was all planed by his friends and family

Lol go Beckton in east London see how Palestine’s bust your head for be a brown guy they mad racist n show they true colours I remember the Asian kid telling them I’m Muslim they said I don’t care and smacked him more changed my perception I was 17 at the time

This is why the citizens of the U.K. should have the right to bear firearms. Violent Home invasions like this.

Islam is too dangerous folks.

Wow, so you clearly dont know why he was attacked? his comments were regarding Palestine and Israel, absolutely nothing to do with the Prophet Mohammed pbuh or Islam. You like to call them jihadis, as it fits your anti-Islam narrative perfectly. But these are thugs, again absolutely no link to Islam.