Muhammad: A Forged Biography (LIVE with Brother Rachid, 8:00pm ET)

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As a child growing up, I remember listening to the only clear reception on SW (short wave) Christian Radio in India was TWR. For those who are unfamiliar with TWR as Brother Rashid did not dwell on it, TWR stands for Trans-World Radio a ministry started by Dr. Paul Freed an American who grew up in the Arab world. He started his first Christian radio broadcast from Tangiers, Morocco. Most of the radio English Bible teaching programs on-air were produced by Ministries here in the US as I recall.

When the Arab rulers were inventing Islam, it was logical to borrow from Christianity and Judaism in order to introduce the new religion to those who were accustomed to the old religions. This is what the Romans did when they invented Christianity.

This video is devastating. The most devasting video I have watched for months. Islam is demolished.
Poor Muslims! Following, worshipping even, a guy who probably did not exist, and that if he actually existed, he was not a nice guy at all. And all they believe is just pure fiction.
Come to Jesus, Muslims. Don’t trust your life and your afterlife on a bunch of lying liars.
Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.
In Christianity you will find love, truth, beauty and eternal life.
All praise be to God.

The lier wrote Quran mmmmm

Great discussion,
Thnx guys May GOD bless you and your families in JESUS name

Hugely informative!

If not were for the forced indoctrination since childhood and the death penalty for apostasy, blasphemy, and heresy Islam will never exist. And more than 1400 years of permanent, relentless, eternal JIHAD.

Love the “Made in China” reference…lol

Oh mohamed made in China…:rofl:

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Chinese fake Jesus = Mohammed

Thanks for sharing this.
I will want you to have your podcast interpreted into other languages

01:13:30 brother Rachid is giving some strong arguments here…peace.

Nabeel Qureshi wrote a book called Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus to prove to the world that Jesus is God. However, the outcome was the total opposite; he ended up proving that Allah is the only true God. Prophet Jesus depended on Allah (pronounced elâhâ in Jesus’s language Aramaic) for everything he did, and Jesus said, “I can do nothing on my authority” without Allah permission. A few years ago, Nabeel Qureshi Converted to Christianity and accepted Jesus, as his God and savior. After accepting Jesus as his savior Nabeel Qureshi developed cancer, and he begged Jesus to save his life, but Jesus already made it clear that I can do nothing on my authority. Therefore, Jesus could not help Nabeel Qureshi, and he ended up dying a few years ago, proving to the world that Jesus is not God and Allah is the only true God, so do not call upon false deities least you should be made an example of like Nabeel Qureshi.

It is not correct to the please of sinless keep prostitute person who was even immoral bad Mohammed!! Alfa omega is Jesus not Mohammed he is now under his tomb :grinning:!:smile::-1::-1::-1::-1::dog2::-1::skull::skull::skull::skull:

Our princes Br Devid and Br rashid! God bless you!!:pray::crown::bouquet::sparkle::sparkle::bouquet::sparkle::sparkle::bouquet::bouquet::sparkle::sparkle::bouquet::bouquet:!!!

Interesting, I was eating dates when listening to this video. Thankfully they weren’t the ones Muhammad multiplied.

A very absorbing discussion. Please prepare small clips for the benefit of viewers.

Even though I am a Christian, I love peaceful Muslim people, it’s not their fault if they have been deceived (like other false Christian church).
But for every people in this world, God gave them the opportunity to hear His holy words, it is up to them to make a choice.
And I admire most of those Muslim people who turned to Jesus, you can see their true transformation from their faith.