Muhammad, Camel Urine, and Hygiene: A Response to Huffington Post's Craig Considine

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Islamophilic Huffington Post contributor Craig Considine recently compared Muhammad to George Washington on the issue of personal hygiene. We have to wonder whether Considine has ever read the Muslim sources.

im exmuslim i hope islam is end because it destroied my life as an arab girl

I think of a story I was told about many years ago regarding life in Small Town Pennsylvania in the 1940s.

Guys used to go out late at night and meet up with women and pull out their condoms and do what they would do.

This little girl had witnessed what happened the day after.

As some of these men were stumbling back to town on Sunday morning, they paused at Fresh mud-puddles created by the rain and rinsed out those condoms in them. Swishing them around to fill them with water and then tipping the water back out into the puddles. Roll the thing back up and put it back in their pockets…

On the way back from church, that little girl noticed a little boy walking along, who paused at one of these puddles, and stopped to drink.

After all, that water was fresh from the night before…

David seven years later and I am still laughing, that was comedy gold if I were a muslim I would leave islam right after watching your video!!!

I had to pause it by 5:47. I was gagging just listening to what Mohammad prescribed

What do you get if you mix Islam with water?


Muhammad was a deranged maniac warlord. Our misfortune is that every muslim man dreams to become him.!

David, why the hell are you dressed like a pirate ? Lmao

And a Muslim told me that Muhammad was a pioneer in hygiene?

alhamdulillah i am muslim​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

How in heck , in the name of God, can 3 grown men make fools of themselves on a televised program. Seriously!!!

I enjoyed that rant…
N how can anyone believe in islam after knowing the truth is beyond me

Akher insan kya chata hy jeo our jene do

Phle mat banaw insan ko karm ke sheksha doh rab is balamen not musamen

It’s wrong and shitty basterds lying

hahahhaha I didn’t expect you dressed as Washington

Islam WILL progress, people WILL accept Islam, nothing you can do to stop that.

So u will never die?

I don’t know what’s more gross, vomiting a little in my mouth or just listening to what Muhammad did…