Muhammad Commands His Followers to Kill Critics of Islam

People in the world today are shocked to see violent riots over Youtube videos or cartoons of Muhammad. But there is a reason some Muslims react violently to criticism of Islam, namely, Muhammad’s repeated commands to kill people who criticize Islam.

i think the main goal in islam is to become like prophet muhammad

U got destroyed by hijab

Honestly if u guys believe and trust this guy, I feel sorry for u

Elisha killed people for criticizing him :grinning: In fact he killed youths.

Hey. Did you notcie that you belive in farytales yourselves?

And (as to) those who disbelieve in and reject My communications, they are the inmates of the fire, in it they shall abide. - Koran, Surah II: 39, “The Cow.”
All infidels go to Hel, even Pagans Christians and Jews. This is one of the most repeated themes in the Koran.

David it seems like you have not read the Bible
Can u tell me what Bible say about people who don’t worship on true God

I could listen to a Christian argue if they didnt say crazy radical things like "islam commands you to kill anyone who’s not Muslim "and other ridiculous things that aren’t true. Does anyone have a real argument?besides the new and popular “Allah actually means satan”? It’s just too easily disproved. And the argument that muslims should and kill non muslims is also just too easily disproved. I have yet to have a real. actual, intellectual argument ):

Muhammad Commands His Followers to Kill Critics of Islam
That is because Mohamed knows his Koran/Islam is fiction So, had people criticized it and people figure out that fact , then, there would no single follower of Islam existed, now because no human being wants to believe in in non-existent, fiction.

Muhammad Commands His Followers to Kill Critics of Islam- that is because Mohamed himself knows that islam is fake story.
13,313 views" Do you know why? because Islam is easily debunk able lie/ a debunked lie. And most importantly the life of Arabs is dependent on the religion. The Arabs have no root power in other countries where there are no Islams.
They want to maintain their economic income due to the existence of their religion followers in other countries. That is they own other countries indirectly based on the number of islams they have got/created in other countries.

This is so damn pathetic two idiots just making up lies

Most talked about person and written about is prophet Muhammad pbuh,and prophet Jesus pbuh too . Yous talk bad about person who talked good about Jesus, no matter you see Jesus as prophet or God , it was prophet Muhammad pbuh .

Most people don´t want to talk religion, how do we educate them?

knowledge less, one side viewer in front of camera

dumbest people are Christians and atheists.

Fuck u there should be division between right and wrong. Worshipping to idol is never right. Weak reasoning

All religions promote lies even if they seem to be peaceful religions.

Muhammad did not split the moon in two and you’re an idiot if you believe so we went to the moon and … yeah it’s whole

before islam people killed little girls and eat pigs had sex with there moms and daughter people had slaves than mahamed came in and saved from themselves

(you dont know shit about islam)