Muhammad Gets Caught with His Slave Girl: David Wood vs. Shabir Ally

Muhammad once got caught having sex with his slave girl, Mary the Copt, in the bed of his wife Hafsah. After being pressured by Hafsah and Aisha to stop having sex with his slave girl, Muhammad vowed that she was forbidden to him. Later, Muhammad received a “revelation” from Allah (Quran 66:1-2), telling him that his oath was voided and that he could continue having sex with Mary the Copt. Is it reasonable to believe that Allah was so concerned about Muhammad having sex with his slave girl that Allah included verses about it in his eternal Word (the Qur’an)? Would Allah be so obsessed with Muhammad’s sex life that he would grant Muhammad the right to break his oaths? In this video, David Wood and Shabir Ally discuss the matter.

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It would be so much better if you can provide subtitles/captions. Non natives have difficulty understanding the accent.

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Scripture doesn’t need interpretation, Scripture defines itself.

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Even when mohd wants to stop adultery his god encourages him to go ahead with his illegal affairs and supports with verse Great

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So as per few Muslims Allah loves Mohammed consuming stale & foul food ??:clown_face:
I mean when Hafsa was caring, so that Mohammed eats fresh-hygienic food. Allah should have sent out a verse praising her & asking believing wives to care for husbands like her,but somehow Allah had to intervene for trivial useless issue & let Mohammed continue to have stale food ?
By the way why does one need to take an oath for this thing & are muslims saying Mohammed was so stupid & childish that he didn’t have “good eating habits” :person_facepalming:t2:

Why does he need forgiveness and mercy for the “prohibition” if it was lawful? That is nonsensical.

When I read quran translation at age 17-18, I found this verses and did not know about the content.
At age 46, a friend told me about these verses and the story.
I am relief. I have once cheated my wife. And now I know that “he” was much more brutal than me :grin::grin::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:

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