Muhammad: History's Greatest Plagiarist (LIVE with Tony Costa, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time) discussing Muhammad’s plagiarism of earlier sources.

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What is the story of drinking Muhammad’s blood? Where can I read it? What is it about?

Please, please make a video on top 10 plagiarized stories from Gnostic, Jewish and other sources, that are included in the Quran. This is something that really bothers me and I know only a few stories by far.I am interested in early Christian heresies, so any examples are welcome. Are there more stories than you included in the video? Please, please share some more.

you people are a disgrace to christianity. Talking bad about another religion, is this what jesus taught you. TO SPREAD HATE. Christianity is about peace and love and here you are disregarding the teachings of your religion and being an embarrassment to your community.

Starting off the video talking about pork when the son of god himself never ate pork and made it forbidden. What is going on here?

Weener just sounds dirty

1:21:00 The Septuagint translation, referenced by the Gospel writers, and St. Paul, either in substance or directly, contained the 7 books left out by Martin Lucifer.

1:29:27 In 382 Pope Damasus I promulgated the Catholic canon in its modern conception. It was infallibly so declared at the Council of Trent in response to Martin Lucifer’s heresy, which had by then engulfed Europe in revolution, the fires of which continue to burn to this day and are by now rainbow coloured.


The Mormons actually don’t mind people seeing the 1830 Book of Mormon. You will see that God used mortal imperfect humans to get a message to us. Be careful about your judgements. Do you really think God is going to like hearing that excuse? Jesus taught we will be judged by the same measure we used against others. The principles in The Book of Mormon are true and haven’t changed despite grammatical corrections and changing literal translations of idioms into the meaning of the idioms. The translation would have gone smoother if it wasn’t for bigoted Christians persecuting God’s prophet. If you don’t like those little errors you should be angry at the Christians who harrassed Joseph Smith.

mo was a fool end of story

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In my opinion it wasn’t mo but the Umayyad scribes who did all the plagiarizing

You said gospel of mark chapter 16:17:18 are pabrication…do you still remember??
So wich one is authentic bible and wich one is pabrication?

Trinity refuted and rejected by old testament (just only one verse of many many of them), Isaiah 46:9 Remember the first things of old, that I am God and there is no other; I am God and there is none like Me.

looks a bit like Weistein…

Man, diva love girl doesnt give up. I’ve encountered her myself recently. It doesnt matter what evidence for Islam being a false religion you show her, she just refutes it with easily debunked and destroyable claims, then she takes the same arguments to another channel, then they show her the same thing too!

Molly’s buddy Salman al-Farisi was a Persian.

Manny is back. And there is a new sheriff in town

How could anyone think Christianity plagiarized Judaism? It came FROM Judaism…