Muhammad in Song of Solomon 5:16? (Understanding the Bible with InspiringPhilosophy!)

David Wood and InspiringPhilosophy (Mike Jones) discuss the Muslim claim (made by Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Shabir Ally, and many others) that Muhammad is mentioned by name in Song of Solomon 5:16.

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Singing is haram in islam…
Muhammad is mention in john 8:44 …not in song of solomon.

Technically, Song of Solomon isn’t part of the Torah.

Imagine bringing Einstein to refute flat earth theory.

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In solomon 5:16, read the bible in hebrew then translate it from hebrew to english. The name muhammad is in there. You christians are just to arragant to admit it!

This is what quran says about arragant people! They are deaf, dumb and blind, and so they do not think and understand. (Al-Baqarah 2:171)

According to the Biblical book Songs of Solomon, the covenant was transferred from the דּוֹדִֽים dwdym (David’s people or the Jews - Songs 5:1) to the מַחֲּמַדִּים mhmdyim (Muhammad’s people - Songs 5:16). (Both words are Hebrew masculine, plural NOUNS which the Christian translators have rendered as the adjective, lovely in their translations to hide the transfer of the covenant.). The Hebrew plural, masculine nloun suffix ‘ym’ is used to denote the people of the nation to which the proper noun refers as in מּוֹאָבִים (Moabym or Moabites), Ammonites or Amonym עַמֹּנִים, Egyptians or Musrym מִּצְרִים, Chaldeans or Chasidym כַּשְׂדִּים, Lydians or Lydym לוּדִים etc. The words mhmdym and dwdym are unique and only used once each in the entire Bible. So, one expects the translation to also be unique. The words dwdym and mhmdym constitute a synonymous parallelism which references the covenant relationship between these 2 peoples. The dwdym or Jews were the last ancient Semitic people to hold this covenant before it was transferred to the mhmdym or the Muslims who were and are Muhammad’s people. In addition, the Palestinians are the original Jews as they carry the haplotype J1c3d. The Ashkenazi who control Palestine are not Semites. So, Palestinians, the native inhabitants for more than 5000 years, are the rightful owners of Palestine according to history, genetics and the bible.

The control of the land of Israel was based on the contingency that those bound by the covenant would obey the law (Torah) and worship the One, True God. According to the Bible, the Jews failed to abide by the covenant conditions. The last straw was when they attempted to murder the Prophet, Jesus (as). Matthew 21:43 has Jesus declare: “Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” So, it is clear that Jesus confirmed the prophecy in Songs 5 and the covenant was taken from the dwdym (David’s people) and given to the mhmdym (Muhammad’s people). The Mhmdym (Muslims) fulfilled the messianic expectations of the Jews when they created an empire that stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. The Mhmdym also rebuilt the former temple as Masjid Al Aqsa on the site which the Christian had deliberately defiled to dishonor the Jews and their god, Yhwh.

Songs is an allegory with many different levels of meaning. The poem is symbolic. The groom is symbolic of the king who ruled Judah, and who was a member of the dwdym or David’s people. The bride represents the people of the covenant. The love between the spouses represents the covenant. Dwdym (David’s people) represents the original people of the covenant or Jews. The Mhmdym represent the people of Muhammad to whom the covenant is transferred when the bride addresses her groom as Muhammadim or the people of Muhammad… The bride, who is symbolic of the people of the covenant, switched her allegiance from the king who was both the ruler of and a member of the dwdym (David’s people) to the Muhammadim (Muhammad’s people) because the Muhammadim were the recipients of the new covenant. The covenant was transferred to the Mhmdym because the Jews rejected Jesus and his message. This new covenant was the means through which Allah (swt) made Muhammad the founder of a nation whose empire stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. The achievements of the Muhammadim fulfilled the messianic expectations of the Hebrews. Songs is a prophecy that the Law or Torah was to be expressed through a covenant between the deity and the people who were committed to the purified Torah which became known as the Shariah, the law or Torah of the Muslim ummah. Allah’s (swt) promises are always true, Subhanallah.

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Muhham +mad =muhhamad
Saitan +law= sariyat law

its mohammed the prophet in song of solomon as an athéiste i admit it

Barnes Notes on the Bible commentary on Isaiah 60:7

“… They shall come up with acceptance on mine altar - It is by no means necessary to understand this literally. The Jews were accustomed to express their ideas of worship by sacrifices, and the prophet naturally employed that language. The sense is, that the conversion of the wandering tribes of Arabia would be as certain and as signal as if the numerous flocks of Kedar and Nebaioth should be devoted to Yahweh in sacrifice. All that was valuable there would be employed in his service; the people would come with their most precious offerings and consecrate them to God. It is evident that this remains to be fulfilled…”

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David mislead all of you, David is a liar, to know the truth simply seek GOD help by saying this to GOD every night before sleep is “GOD YOU ARE THE GREATEST AND ONLY ONE CREATOR GUIDE ME TO THE STRAIGHT PATH (TOWARDS TRUTH)”. INSHALLAH YOU WILL BE GUIDED SOON, AMEN

You couldn’t describe Muhammad in such superlative terms. He was described in his own lifetime as ‘a fat dwarf.’ His full description suggests he was suffering from acromegaly.

After 15 centuries, her garden would be pretty pungent. Eeew!
And hair like a raven? raven is עֹרֵב oreb which comes from עֹרֵב arab - ARAB, see! this is talking about Muhammad.

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Whoa whoa WHOA. Thank you LORD. Good job guys. God bless you. The Song of Songs is a powerful super arousing blessing from the Creator of sex. Go figure!!!:smile::smile::smile: I am my Beloved’s and He IS mine. I praise GOD that He is saving muslims. The WAY. The TRUTH. The LIFE. COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.