Muhammad in the Morning!

This morning, I woke up and saw the thumbnail for Frank Turek’s latest video on Islam. It featured a cartoon of Muhammad! Times are changing!

Frank Turek’s video (“Is Islam True? Watch This”): Is Islam false? Watch this! - YouTube
Cameron Bertuzzi’s video (“Do His Method’s Cross the Line? You Might Change Your Mind”): Do His Methods Cross the Line? You Might Change Your Mind - YouTube

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And if you’d like to know how to properly mock Muhammad, watch this: - YouTube


Yeah. I guess you’re right. Not that I was ever against mocking or softening the truth. I’m just not sure I know where the line is. Like someone saying Muhammad is a py or fat. Both things are true, but when does it become profanity which we are told to abstain from? Idk. Hopefully someone smarter than me can answer that.

Im not afraid for you Dave. I trust in Jesus

OH MY GOD! I can’t believe he did that with Aisha’s marriage age.

Great exposes about islam

Have you written any book on anti-islamic subjects like this…

Well David, I mean in order for someone to get praise from a muslim means that at least he managed step 1. Now, how he uses that praise defines his approach. He now needs to find a way to open this muslim person’s heart about the history of his “religion” and what his “prophet” actually did and taught. And once he REALLY delves deep, acknowledges the facts and compares them with other religions, then and only then will HE mock muhammad or not. It would be HIS doing, not mine. I would’ve remained wise and respectful all the way. I believe it is a more balanced solution, because attacking head on (or mocking head on) will engage their “fight or flight” mode and you would have lost them to radicalism imo. I believe you understand that there are hundreds of thousands of muslims who know jacksh*t about islam but were being fed this “religion” by their parents and so on, so approaching these people must be careful imo because radicalism can be enabled in their minds with a press of a button. I am glad that it is acceptable to criticize and even mock muhammad on social media and youtube nowadays since freedom of speech is a right to everyone. Yes even christianity recieves criticizm and mockery from everyone but you don’t see or hear christians screaming “Jesus Akbar” and slaughtering people, cuz it’s NOT what Jesus taught us, but it’s clearly what muhmmad taught his followers so there is indeed a massive problem of acceptance and realisation of truth in their minds. It’s basically brainwashing 101, but for the worst.

Are you Christian :latin_cross: cause I am and I don’t get which religion you are

محمد منافق

Islam is new religion thn why it becomes fastest growing religion on earth🤣

Watch out how many people are converting to Islam …

You tried hard to spread hatred against our prophet… .you and your propaganda…won’t work .

Too bad you’re Christian
All hail science

Ahh what a shame that is, Jesus was mocking hypocrites and Christians themselves became hypocrites who halted scientific advancement with their belief in Jesus. Also don’t you think it’s Buddha who was more wise and perfect when it comes to enlightenment or spreading good message? Buddhism is literally the heaven for agnostics and is perfectly an nontheistic religion soley based on philosophy without all the god nonsense but shouldn’t be an suprise coming from you David wood who speaks against Islam and all its psuedo scientific concepts but never talks about the pseudo scientific beliefs in Christianity such as creationist theories acc to genesis, or Jesus being reincarnated.

Islam is just a funny religion :joy::joy::joy:

David wood speaks truth.

1:44 the best cartoon

Everything you’ve said are exactly relatable to the new-age hindus’ mindset… Every hindu should watch this