Muhammad Justified His Sins; Paul Confessed His Sins and Repented (PvM 14)

We can learn a lot about a man by how he reacts when his worst deeds are exposed. When Muhammad was confronted about his sins, he justified them and continued in them. When Paul was confronted about his sins, he confessed them and repented.

This video is the fourteenth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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We must understand these pieces by David Wood to have been inspired by love for Muslims, not to spite them. God bless you David, may our Muslim friends find the path to Christ, the Eternal Life🙏

Paul, the true founder of christianity.

Feel ashamed of, but not dare enough to quit

Mohammed was a devious devious fellow.

14 th century arabia was really fu**ked up :slight_smile:

There is a law about adultery In Moses times, but Jesus was more revered… And many Christians, and so do I, committed such sins, I hope Jesus forgives me… That Jesus said once you desire to your neighbours wife you already committed an adultery… Maybe I admired some. But I better ask for forgiveness to be much safer so I repented hope not to do it again, turn my eyes away at all possible… Specially the eyes and the mind and the heart were it could into sin.

Not even a single comment from any illiterate muslim in this video. Wow

Great series of videos. Watched them 4 years ago and watching them again. Thank You David

The 14 and 15 are the best. (I haven’t seen after 15 yet)


Question: if Islam practices monotheism, why does Mohammad refer to Allah as “We”?

Apart from all the pedophilia, murder, sex trafficking, and hypocrisy, what did Muhammed do wrong?

Hunter Biden married his dead brother’s wife.

Change the rules of a religion when they do not fit your agenda

Amin. This is one of the most important videos you’ve ever made (– for me). Bc it succinctly shows, through your example, the transformative power of Christ and the path laid out by Him. But also, by comparison, the motivation you have for everything you do here… which is not coming out of “hate” and “Islamophobia”, as (even some sensible) muslims would say.

You are right, a path like Mohammed’s legitimises and brings out the worst in humanity (at an individual or societal level), a lot of the time. May God bless you David – at the end of the day, you are a beautiful soul. :slightly_smiling_face::pray: Amin.

I swear to God, a lot of the time Mohammed disgusts me.

Islam is a satanic horrible cult

Woody Allen must have renounced Judaism to be Muslim.

After Jesus the most hated person is Paul. So don’t worry when someone hates you for following Jesus. You may have come to Christ either by childhood faith or by evidence or by miracle. Blessed are the ones who believe in Jesus.