Muhammad Meets Santa Claus (Muhammad's Boom-Boom Room)

Muhammad is the prophet of Islam. Santa Claus brings gifts to well-behaved children on Christmas Eve. What happens when Muhammad meets Santa? Find out in the latest episode of “Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room,” starring Vocab Malone as Prophet Muhammad and David Wood as Santa Claus.

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Here’s a Christmas classic from 2011: - YouTube

When he said “Music Is HARAM! “ suddenly I couldn’t stop singing the little drummer boy! :joy:
:notes: Come they told me
Haram pa pum pum
A new born king to see
Haram pa pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring
Haram pa pum pum
To lay before the King
Haram pa pum pum haram, pa mum mum
Haram pa pum pum” :notes:

Santa has been turned into something just as pagan

I like to think this is the canonical ending to the boom boom room

Peace be upon me… :smile:

Santa Claus: the great evangelist

Can we get Mohammad meets Jesus Christ? That’d be really neat

Actually Christmas is Saturnalia a pagan celebration


Dang, this episode did actually make me feel bad for Muhammed.

Imagine if someone preached the Gospel to him while he was still alive. I wonder how things would have turned out.

Muhammad and Alister Crowley should be next if you ever do another one. They both spoke to “the Angel Gabriel” and had many wives / slaves / liked the kiddies

3:23 "Weeell, children on the naughty list, get a lump of coal!

Mo: …is that a black stone?"

:joy::joy::joy::rofl: Lol

Zakir naik please.


This was the best most christian way to end a satire :revolving_hearts:


This was a great way to end the series. It’s unlikely we’ll see a second season.

Should do Muhammed meets Chris Hansen from dateline lol