Muhammad Meets Satan (Muhammad's Boom-Boom Room)

Muhammad is the Prophet of Islam. Satan is chief among the forces of evil. What happens when Muhammad meets Satan? Find out in the latest installment of “Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room,” starring Vocab Malone as Prophet Muhammad and David Wood as Satan.

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I’ll be LIVE with Sam Shamoun tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time) discussing the topic “Was Muhammad Possessed or Insane?” Everyone is welcome to join the discussion! Here’s the link: - YouTube

this is awesome :rofl::rofl::rofl::fire::fire::fire:

You so lame my Allah send his wrath on you and your followers. I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah. And i openly testify that prophet Muhammad s.a.w is his last messenger .


Charles Darwin met Muhammad.

Hey David Wood.

You should put Charles Darwin in the Muhammad’s Boom boom room and exposed on how Atheism think about black People and Women freedom according to their Evolution’s book , the orgin of Species.

“Allah” was always Muhammad’s Twitter handle.

Mo meets Joe (Brandon) :grin::grin::grin:


How did you guys manage to get actual footage of moohameds revelations? Amazing!

How come that he reads the Q&A list? :thinking:


Bro you are funny God bless you

And the Brutus I am referring to is the one from Popie

The next video do one of Brutus

Every single episode is hilarious.

“ you spoil meeeee” lol :joy:

:joy::joy: I wasn’t expecting that he even has a name tag but I guess he can’t read :joy:

আপনারা ইসলাম ধর্মের অপমান করছেন সালা তদের বুউ এর নুনু টার সাথে