Muhammad, Musa, and the Angel of Death (Anthony Rogers)

According to Islam’s most trusted sources, Allah once sent the Angel of Death to Musa (Moses). Musa hit the Angel of Death, knocking out his eye and sending him back to Allah. Allah then restored the angel’s eye. Anthony Rogers discusses the story.

That mention of talking vegetables has me curious. Some ancient Manachaean texts mention talking vegetables. Do you suppose Muhmmamad appropriated those stories from Manachaeism the way he borrowed other stories from fables and gnostic gospels?

Man all I have to do is punch death in the face and tell him I don’t want to die, and Allah will say okay we will put a sticky note on his file and keep an eye on me so that when I’m ready I can tell Allah okay come and get me I’m done. Bring me to my million virgins and other worldly passions that are in heaven. Wait if they are there, but I can have them here then why would I want to leave? Okay whatever I will abide by what’s in the book and believe this crazy fable.

Bro…they are not real story’s they mean it as a lesson the same why Jesus did

This is a very very funny story it remind me of boxing matches that happened in this century but this one happened somewhere in heaven we only need another story about wrestling of some angels and somebody declaring a winner

Only a perverted man like uthman can come up with such twisted stories. Half of Quran is copy-paste from Torah and Bible and rest of it are such cock and bull stories.

Quran is a borrowed book from all over religions

Just watched this for the first time. Just saying. I’m a bit late to make a comment about anything else… :slight_smile:

I believed these stories as a child as this was what I was taught by my parents and teachers. Children also believe in magical thinking because they don’t have a grasp of natural causes. As an adult, these kinds of things are more and more laughable but I enjoy listening to them. It cuts both ways [i.e. Christianity, Islam, and every religion is to blame]

Even the man telling the story could not hold the lough😂

That darned intellect and rationale!

Don’t let this guy decive you he will lead you to hell

Moses VS the Angel of death. Would love to see that. Lol

Musa sounds neat :wink:
Musalim that is.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl: so next time when I don’t want to die, I’ll punch the angel of death. Have to get a pair of boxing gloves to punch a spirit that has no physical body. Punching the air. Lol. The musa in Koran is a joker.

Whenever , I heard Angel of death makes it me want to jam some slayer.

This religion never fails to make me laugh


Quick question. According to Islamic belief once you die you go to Allah for judgement. Why would musa reject death unless he does not want to go to Allah, or answer the call of Allah. Crazy belief system and crazy practices.

Is musa the islam´s version of kratos or something?