Muhammad Plagiarized the Story of Adam and Satan (Islam Critiqued)

Muhammad plagiarized stories from Jews and Christians and passed them off as his own divine revelations. Unfortunately for Muhammad, he couldn’t tell the difference between, on the one hand, stories from the Torah and the Gospel, and, on the other hand, later myths and legends. Not surprisingly, we can trace numerous stories in the Quran back to earlier fables. A perfect example of this is Muhammad’s plagiarism of legends about Satan (Iblis) refusing to worship Adam.

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There’s a reason the Arab polytheists of his day called him “Al-Udhun”, meaning “The Ear”.

A person in the comment section below stated there may be more than one author/editor of the Quran do to repeated information with some changes. Could the writing style of different people be analyzed? Has anyone done a scholarly critique in these areas?

Hail Satan

The Quran was compiled 700 years after the Bible and still managed to sound more ignorant, primitive, unscientific and self-contradictory.

Somehow you never get Muslim scholars refuting these videos. They are only interested in shouting louder and declaring themselves winners.

Islam is the Faith of the Beast 666 Peoples.

Izlam is a mess

J cult criticizing Momo cult is like, corona criticizing saars

Love you guys.

He sounds more normal in this old video unlike ASMR in the newer one.

No matter how hard you try to manipulate the verse and take them out is context, Islam is and will be the fastest growing religion in the world, why? Because people study it read it and compare it then you will only come to know the truth.

Good video :+1:

Didn’t Jesus (Isa AS) mentioned about Mohammed (pubh) in bible?
You should study bible more


Man this is incredible stuff, seems like the quran is a mix of stuff taken from really random sources that’s clearly not the word of God.

Here goes the ‘docile version of David Wood’.

Nice to see factually true/reliable comments for once. There’s an overflow of feeling than fact in our times.

Any athiest here?

SUPER INTERESTING! Rom:1:25. My muslim co-worker told me that the snake hid in the mouth of the peacock, and said “by allah”, and so Adam did not sin in believing the devil over God’s word. I can see with these “witty and ingenious” tales and traditions, the entire understanding of God’s revelation is overturned. Sin is converted into angels not worshipping man’s vanity of trying to be a god, and man is innocent before a “sinful god” who cruelly deprived man of eternal life, so that he would have to “get it” from the devil. Hence, a clever defense of angel worship and harlotry with the devil …