Muhammad poisons everything (david wood)

One of Muhammad’s noblest deeds was abolishing female infanticide in Arabia. Unfortunately, the Prophet Muhammad always found a way to ruin his message. Hence, in Sunan Abu Dawud 4717, he declared: “The woman who buries her infant daughter alive, and the girl who is buried alive, are both in the Fire.” Yes, you read that correctly. The Prophet of Islam declared that baby girls who are murdered by their mothers will be in hell with their mothers. Welcome to Islam.

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This is the most disgusting man ever,David Wood is the most racist man ever what a BITCH

Please debunk the zamzam water argument, it is holy water which comes from holy mosque makkah, it comes from a well and it does not finished, also it does tastes different

This is wrong here u are saying he had something with one of his slaves and u are here Spreading rumours about the prophet pbuh u will regret this allah will show you Muhammad pbuh is not a circus I don’t care if u discuss positive sides this is so bad allah will show u

Love this guy!!! He speaks facts!!!

DAvid, I thought you were a liar, and that the hadith was faked, but I went to check for myself and I was horrified of the truth. How on earth can this man be a role model and a prophet of God?

You wrong dude, Muhammad is true

Bro wants attention

You’re taking the narration out of context. You didn’t even bother telling us who Amir is ?

Hah??? Are you sure this is the correct hadith by Muhammad SAW?

You are such an id…Better Shut your mouth if you front of me, then I’ll teach you how to shut your mouth

Leave prophet muhammad alone and leave Muslims alone omg

And where did muhammed’s parents end up? According to muhammed, they went to eternal hellfire. What a great son they had.

Actually baby girl murdered is innocent and that hadees is zayeef weak…plz reconsider your decision…

Rubbish - the guy and what he is quoting.

Muhammad Poisons Everything
No man You Poison Everything

No Babies will go to hell you will go to hell…

Thanks for this.

Shut upYou’re such a idiot you don’t have knowledge shame on you

You should stop this you are making me feel bad and I am mad at you but the only way to stop hate is to spread love. And to all the ani muslims stop spreading hate thank you.

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