Muhammad: the dumbest false prophet ever!

In several videos, we’ve looked at an incident in which Muhammad was poisoned by a woman named Zaynab bint al-Harith. But what he did after he was poisoned was even dumber. David Wood discusses Muhammad’s marriage to Safiya bint Huyai.

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Was Jesus dumb as fuck?

Wait till someone randomly comes to your home and say Allah Hu Akbar. :joy:

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Muhammad probably believed he was the ultimate Chad, so Chad in fact that not even the his victims could resist him.

History of the dumbest (self-styled)prophet that ever walked the earth!

M r. David please do not eat anything offered TO YOU if you are not sure is safe. DO NOT EAT AT ANY GATHERING.
I feel thats what they did to Nabeel.
Young man, looks good with no family history.
I pray his work will be spread louder than any thunderstorms, spreading like lightning.

May ALLAH destroy you
And May ALLAH not let you free in this world and next
And May ALLAH show you to the all world when HIS wrath descend upon you and may it descend upon you and may you be example to any with such intentions towards our noble, innocent, kind etc Prophet Muhammad Rasululahi Salalahu Alayi Wasalam

Obviously he did not fall asleep first. Tent pegs happen.

The prophet Muhammad (s.a.w ) said " Do not tell a lie against me for whoever tells a lie against me he’ll surely Enter the Hell-fire "

Meaning dont ever tell a lie about Muhammad s.a.w or you’ll enter hell!

Here’s the thing about islamaphobes. They will find a loophole into Islam and the Quran without actually digging deeper. They will call our prophets dumb, and call Allah (swt) dumb. But they don’t understand that there is so much evidence shown but their hearts are too blind, even Allah talks about that. And when they find out that they were wrong on the day of judgment they will regret. Remember the story about when Muhammad (saw) split the moon? Well, the split is expanding. The Quran also said that the day of judgement will come when the moon splits in half. So Insha’allah I hope Allah guides all you islamphobes into Islam so you can be saved from the torment of grave and burning pits of jahannam (hell). Allahuma ameen.

Stop talking Trash :rage:

Shabati Zevi

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David Wood may you be as you have PICTURED

Yeah, I think in the case of Saffiyah the prophet was confident he could have physically overpowered her, and the fact she did not find or take the opportunity to assassinate him makes me think that as well. It’s sad actually.

It depends if you count mental illness as “dumb”. Isn’t it dumber for normal people to take a mentally ill prophet seriously and literally?

Be careful David, of what you say Islamic community will eat you alive and accuse you of Blasphemy

David woogle you only speak on your youtube channel. Alhmadulillah Muslim. Islam is a growing religion you guys never stop this.

he is not dumb its all for a purpose. She couldnt kill him :blush: