Muhammad: The Promise-Breaking Prophet

According to Muhammad, true messengers of Allah never break their promises. According to Islam’s most trusted sources, however, both Prophet Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel broke promises. What conclusions can we draw? David Wood discusses the issue.

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If you’re looking for the latest episode of “Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room,” you’ll have to go to my BitChute channel, because YouTube banned the video as “hate speech.” That’s right, videos that mock anti-black and anti-semitic ideologies are now classified as “hate speech” on YouTube! Here’s the link: BANNED BY YOUTUBE! Muhammad Meets a Klansman (Muhammad's Boom-Boom Room)

Wat a load noncence an angel be scared of a dog must be deluded to beleave tat

Weird god and his prophet :joy::joy:

5:34 I don’t know where you gat this kind of source

according to the Bible, Jesus will destroy the antichrist with just his BREATH (2 Thessalonians 2:8). meanwhile Allah sends an angel that appear to be scared of puppies and art pieces :rofl:

The logic is sound, everything is perfect. They will do what they always do which is either ignore this argument or else insufficiently try to argue against it. If I was them, I would ignore it or else try to fault the logic to my audience, which I know does not understand it. They will get blasted by the apologists on the other side but they will not care because they convinced their own audience.

I’m beginning to think Joseph smith was a reincarnation of Allah.

Does this mean demons are scared of dogs?

Peace Be Upon Me​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

how are lying to this dumb people you will have to do debate if you think you are right muslim is the realreligion

Islamic angels are wimps.

now the other question we should ask to muslim is did allah break his promises too

Wait a minute ?
Why Mo🤕 then didnt meet?
outside the house,while Allah is so freakt :thinking:out by a dog in :point_up:da house

Stay far away from Islam .

Damn that “logic”…!!

Ya tak ya jugak… pak cik… nak tanya ni… Pak cik tahi cicak tak pernah ke berdepan dengan Dr.Zakir Naik? Rasanya Pak cik rabun… eh memang rabun pun… haaa betullah… patutlah dia tak nampak betul betul pasal Islam.Research tu dah bagus… yang dapatnya habuk haiyaa pak cik tahi cicak.

Excellent arguments!
Also – honey doesn’t go off! (Become putrid and smelly I mean.)
They made up a pathetic story, or it wasn’t honey, if this ridiculous event happened.

This book is disgusting and disrespectful to god

It’s now obvious why Muslims used to put critics to death when they questioned certain passages in their holy books. They knew it wouldn’t pass public scrutiny so it was easier to just eliminate the itch than to have to explain these verses away that appear to contradict themselves.