Muhammad: The Suicidal Messenger (David Wood)

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According to Islam’s most trusted sources, Muhammad repeatedly tried to kill himself. Indeed, he tried to kill himself so many times that we can fairly call him “the Suicidal Messenger.”

In this video, David Wood examines passages on Muhammad’s suicide attempts in the History of al-Tabari, Ibn Ishaq, and Sahih al-Bukhari, showing that the real purpose of Islam was to keep Muhammad from killing himself.

So u are saying Muhammad failed to kill history’s most obvious false prophet and then Allah had to do it himself? Wow

When did your obsession with this religion begin?


But he never lived in luxury, kept living like he always did. It doesn’t make sense.

إن الدين عند الله الإسلام … ومن يبتغ غير الإسلام دينا فلن يقبل منه

Muhammad: Welp, if I wanna die Why not go out with a bang!

I understand that suicide is a difficult subject but I wish that Youtube would stop giving me disclaimers that try to block me watching a video that I chose to watch.
Why would I have selected it if I didn’t know what the video was about?

I’m not really sure what the point of this is.

Muhammad felt suicidal because his wife’s cousin, who was a close friend of Muhammad, died? Is this some great sin? Does this not in fact show the great depths of Muhammad’s love, that he found it hard to live when his family and friends died?

Muhammad was afraid of being possessed, so he’d rather die than live with that dishonor upon himself and his family? And you present this as somehow wrong? I fear what you may do if you think yourself possessed.

Muhammad thought that God turned His back on him, and wanted to die because of that? And you say he is evil for this? I worry over your concept of goodness.

Do you know who else was suicidal? According to the Bible: the Prophet Elijah. According to 1 Kings 19:3-6, Elijah actually prays for God to kill him, and apparently flees into the desert with no food or water in an attempt to starve himself to death. Only changing his mind when an angel appears, talks him out of it, and gives him miraculous food and water.

Do you know who was accused of being possessed? Jesus. In fact the Jews tried to kill Jesus, and then all of his followers, under the accusation that he was a possessed false prophet. Is it any wonder that assurances against this possibility would be considered wise?

You’ve made a career out of tearing down another religion, and building up your mind without building up your heart towards the people about whom you speak, like Muhammad. Perhaps you should spend more time opening your heart, and thinking about these things from a human perspective, rather than an intellectual, debate-oriented, polemic perspective

I’ve heard this story before but hearing it again shows me that Muhammad wasn’t just someone trying to start a religion but someone who was led by demons maybe the devil himself to cause the world problems and to lead people away from the one true God. Noone experiences God or his angels and tries to kill themselves they may be startled or afraid at first but they dont feel threatened or try to kill themselves.

It’s like my animal I made up that kills itself for self defense. The mohammed muskrat

I am more convinced about islam.
any man would fear these types of crazy things happening to him.

Thats how islam becomes humanly not sone magical religion

Thank you for your research and great work in analysis of this topic. God bless you

Looks like Mojo had borderline-personality-disorder.

Muslims are forced to follow or perpetuate the whims of Mohammed (police be upon him) even long after his death.

OPEC bullshit.

Jesus Christ is LORD GOD. Praise the LORD.

Before viewing this video, I had a message that it has been identified as offensive lol

Great David! Thank you so much!

Jesus Christ is prophet and Messenger of Allah :point_up:
La ilaha il Allah Muhammad ur Rasul Allah :point_up: