Muhammad vs. Jesus: Judging Religions by Their Central Figures

Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in history, and around half the people in the world consider themselves to be either Christians or Muslims. But Christianity and Islam disagree on fundamental doctrines and practices, so they can’t both be right. Is there a way to judge these two religions? Some people judge religions based on the worst adherents of the religions. Others insist that we should judge religions by their best adherents. However, rather than judging religions by their adherents at all, we should turn to the central figures of the religions. In this video, David Wood compares Muhammad and Jesus.

According to Islam’s most trusted sources, Muhammad (A) was convinced at one point that he was demon-possessed; (B) tried repeatedly to commit suicide; (C) admittedly delivered revelations from the devil; (D) complained that he was a victim of a magic spell that gave him delusional thoughts and false beliefs; (E) supported his religion by robbing people; (F) started a war with Mecca when he had a chance to live in peace in Medina; (G) had people assassinated for criticizing his religion; (H) beheaded hundreds of Jews for trying to defend themselves once they realized he was eliminating them; (I) ordered his followers to execute anyone who leaves his religion; (J) commanded his followers to violently subjugate the entire world; (K) tortured people for money; (L) bought, sold, owned, and traded black African slaves; (M) called Ethiopians “raisin heads” and claimed that Satan looks like a black man; (N) had sex with a nine-year-old girl; (O) had at least nine wives at one time even though his own revelations only allowed four; (P) married the wife of his own adopted son after causing the divorce by lusting after her; (Q) had sex with his slave girls; (R) broke the promise he made to his wives that he would stop having sex with his slave girls after he got caught with a slave girl in the bed of his wife Hafsa, (S) allowed his followers to rape their female captives; (T) took the most beautiful captives back to his own tent; (U) told his followers they could beat their wives into submission; (V) declared that women are stupid and that their testimony is unreliable; (W) promoted idolatrous pagan practices like kissing the black stone and bowing down to the Kaaba; (X) repeated stories based on forgeries and passed them off as revelations from God; (Y) portrayed God as deceptive and Jesus as a complete failure; and (Z) has kept more people from knowing the true God than any other false prophet in history.

By comparison, Jesus (A) created the universe; (B) sustains the universe in existence; (C) laid aside his glory so that he could enter creation as a human being to suffer for our sake; (D) as to his human nature, was born of a virgin; (E) fulfilled dozens of Old Testament prophecies; (F) miraculously fed thousands of people, on more than one occasion; (G) walked on water; (H) could calm storms by speaking; (I) healed the sick; (J) cleansed the lepers; (K) cast out demons; (L) raised the dead; (M) made the lame walk; (N) gave sight to the blind; (O) gave hearing to the deaf; (P) gave hope to the oppressed; (Q) confronted and rebuked their oppressors; (R) broke down the barriers that kept people divided by race, class, and gender; (S) ordered his followers to love everyone, including their enemies; (T) commanded his followers not to use violence in his name; (U) endured torture and death for our sins; (V) told the Father to forgive those who crucified him; (W) rose from the dead; (X) gives us his righteousness so that we can know God; (Y) intercedes with the Father on our behalf; and (Z) will eventually judge the entire world.

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I am hooked from the moment I chanced upon one of your videos. Most of my time this triduum of 2022 has gone into watching your video playlists. I’m sure to continue watching the rest of the playlists this Easter Sunday. Your combative style is very fascinating and enlightening, especially the bits about Islam. Not sure if your videos will shake the blind faith of ordinary muslims who are mostly ignorant about their faith, but they will certainly prevent the people of other faiths who are on the verge of converting to Islam.

Classic David wood, very brutal

EXCELLENT video David! Jesus is SO SO SO Perfect! l love Him, and want to obey Him, and thank Him forever for delivering us from the pit! Hallelujah! :smiley:

As a Christian, I am so proud to follow our Lord, no doubt he is the most righteous! Christianity makes this place change for the better.

Quran, the accuser!
And who is the accuser in the Bible🤷


the thing is we muslims belief in jesus and mohammad, the difference is that we know jesus as a messenger of God, the rest is all same and in the quran it is clearly written that all Prophets are attacked by Satan but with Gods help they don’t have any effect and, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was told the same message that was given to Jesus in the exact words of God but in different languages and christians were one of the only people other than the pious people of Mohammad who followed Islam but Islam spread towards all directions and the warriors of Islam hitted the places that needed peace the most rest we all are same :slight_smile: so please stop fighting about which religions are better cuz both lead to the right path and the bloodshedders aren’t true followers of Islam cuz if you kill one person it means you have killed a whole generations and killers are the worst of people.

Awesome video.

I am muslim :star_and_crescent::tr:
I lovest mohammad
I love ısa (jesus)
I love king Dawid
I love mosa

And to think us as Christians get crap for “judging” people when Jesus tells us to judge people and to judge correctly. Lord please have mercy on those who are deceived.

Jesús is Amaizing, his love never end; his kingdom eternal; no body CAN touch his crownd

Muhammed in the Quran:

He’s a sinner*
Q 40:55
So be patient, Prophet, for what God has promised is sure to come. Ask forgiveness for your sins; praise your Lord morning and evening.

He performed no miracles*
Q:17: 90-95
90 They say, ‘We will not believe for you [Muhammad] until you make a spring gush out of the ground for us;

91 or until you have a garden of date palms and vines, and make rivers pour through them;

92 or make the sky fall on us in pieces, as you claimed will happen; or bring God and the angels before us face to face;

93 or have a house made of gold; or ascend into the sky- even then, we will not believe in your ascension until you send a real book down for us to read.’ Say, ‘Glory be to my Lord! Am I anything but a mortal, a messenger?’

94 The only thing that kept these people from believing, when guidance came to them, was that they said, ‘How could God have sent a human being as a messenger?’

95 Say, ‘If there were angels walking about on earth, feeling at home, We would have sent them an angel from Heaven as a messenger.’

*He didn’t die for anyone. No personal relationship with him is possible. He’s dead. *

David you are working very hard God bless you xxx

Well stated David…God bless and may u go from strength to strength from power to power and from glory to glory in and through Yahweh :pray:t4:

Best video ever

Jesus is so awesome