Muhammad Was Known as a Womanizer! (Fun Islamic Fact #18)

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Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an, whenever jihadis go on a killing spree.

As we saw in Fun Fact 8, Muhammad was known for having sex with nine women and girls all in the same night. Due to his exploits, Muhammad’s companions would brag that he had the sexual strength of thirty men. Not surprisingly, Muhammad wasn’t just known as a prophet; he was also known as a tremendous womanizer. He gained such a bad reputation that some families didn’t want their daughters going anywhere near him.

For instance, a young woman named Layla once thought that it would be nice to marry a prophet. We read about her family’s reaction in the History of at-Tabari, Volume 9, page 139:

“Layla bint al-Khatim ibn ‘Adi ibn ‘Amr ibn Sawad ibn Zafar ibn al-Harith ibn al-Khazraj approached the Prophet while his back was to the sun, and clapped him on his shoulder. He asked who it was, and she replied, ‘I am the daughter of one who competes with the wind. I am Layla bint al-Khatim. I have come to offer myself [in marriage] to you, so marry me.’ He replied, ‘I accept.’ She went back to her people and said that the Messenger of God had married her. They said, ‘What a bad thing you have done! You are a self-respecting woman, but the Prophet is a womanizer. Seek an annulment from him.’ She went back to the Prophet and asked him to revoke the marriage and he complied with [her request].”

So, the unwritten rule among respectable families in seventh-century Arabia was this: Keep your daughters away from the prophet of Islam.

But as a general rule, if you can’t trust Muhammad with your daughter, why would you trust him with your salvation?

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Allhamdulilah :sparkles:
It’s a true hadith :bangbang:
And Mashaalloh :white_heart: our Islam talks about permitted wives WIVES !
And why not Our Rasul SAW will go around to all of his wives in one single night ?
Alloh told the men’s to be equal with his 2-3-4 wives.
And Mashaalloh our Rasul was able to do equality with 9. All of them were his permitted HALAL wives !:black_heart:
Not his girlfriend’s ,like any cloth could be changed after a minute .

Islam is extremely stupid.

Ex- Muslim here!!!

After seeing one of your recent videos about the woman who wanted to divorce her husband because he was impotent but the Prophet Muhammad didn’t allow her to because she hadn’t had sex with the man yet… I have a question about this: Did Layla have to have sex with Muhammad before he allowed her to have an annulment or did he let her go without forcing her to take her (presumed) virginity? It doesn’t say either way, so I am curious. Maybe that can be a future video.

Idiots, prophet Muhammad is great sufi and messenger of God

The Quran says marry up to 4, but the prophet had 9 at once. That does not mean the prophet disobeyed the Quran’s commandments, but God has allowed him to have more than 4 for several reasons:

First marriage was at the age of 25, and his wife was at the age of 40. However, when his first wife died, he grieved over her, and that year was called, “The Year of Sorrow” Both loved each other so much. After the sadness that overwhelmed the prophet, a Muslim woman came to him, and suggested that he should marry. and she told him about two woman, (one of them was a young girl and virgin, and the second woman was a widow and she was not very beautiful.) So who did the prophet chose? He chose the widow woman. and she became his wife. The reason why he preferred the unpretty on the pretty is because that young girl was still a child, and also he chose the widow woman out of kindness for his condition, and the prophet knew that this woman will not get married again, so he married her.

The prophet now is 54 years old … That young girl had grown up, and got married to the prophet. The question is why he got married to a 9 years old? Well, girls in the hot areas are more likely to grow faster and reach the age of the puberty. (You can read about that on Google) and he married her so she can memorize the hadiths (the prophets’ sayings) due to her young age, she had a clean brain and she succeeded to share hundreds and hundreds of Hadiths. Therefore, the purpose of marrying her at a young age was to memorize the Hadiths, not for other silly things that many people claim.
Then the rest of his wives are all widowed. and all of them are not virgins.
If Prophet Mohammed wanted to marry for enjoyment, he would have chosen all the pretty girls. But he did the opposite.
Please try to search and look deeply at his life, you will realize that what this man is saying is wrong.

Jesus, what a disturbing fact. This man is an insult to humanity. Gross reputation & behaviour.

Not surprised because all mohomads are the same​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is an absolute lie against the Prophet, may the peace and the blessings of Allah be upon him.

Mohammad was Sex addict

We are proud of our prophet Muhammad pbup and what he said he is the true messenger of Allah and we are proud of what he said

A womanizer is a rather positive term used for a man who never fails to charm women everywhere he goes. I feel profit-Mohammed was a rather failure with women but a very serious case of sex-maniac. Which also explains his mysagonistic ideas for controlling women like animals.

Thanks for shining the torch of truth on this “prophet” who is in actuality the son of Satan.

Don’t mock the prophet he was indeed a true prophet of Allah he was not a womaniser go get your facts right TURN BACK TO ALLAH BEFORE ITS TO LATE DONT MOCK THE PROPHET ITS NOT ALLOWED U KNOW HE WAS TRUTHFUL IN HIS CLAIM

Today I came to know whole world hates Islam​:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Such a sex Hog Bastard…

Fun facts :fire:

Was anyone there? There’s no proof of this it’s just a YouTube account telling you what you want to hear because you hate islam and muslims in general :joy:.islam is a religion that teaches us we should marry to create more servants for allah and not to please our sexual desires.if you want to know anything about Islam then go to a real imam not just a non Muslim :joy::joy::joy:

Watching again in 2020. These facts are the best :joy::joy::joy: