Muhammad, Women's Clothing, and the Privileged Status of Aisha


I just made a small donation. Keep up the good work. We need to educate people about Islam.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Muhammad was a closet homosexual.

Mohammad can not be trusted.

Aisha is the most respected woman in islamic history and in the world ., just like jesus mother in islam

What are you saying is ballshit ,

You know nothing about islam

And You are full of hate

i wonder why muslim recorded about “muhammad wearing Aisha’s dress” in the hadith and keep it… And later of the story of that Hadith it said that muhammad kiss a man on the lips while wearing Aisha’s dress.

I think one of the demons that had possessed Moo-ham-head at first was a demonic spirit of sexual perversion. Who knows, a succubus maybe…

That’s why I see my Somali neighbors the men wear skirts sometimes

Act 17 you guys are very knowledgeable about Islam

So let me get this straight…Muslims believe that men can have multiple wives but women cannot have multiple husbands. They believe that a woman is less intelligent than a man and therefore a woman’s testimony is only worth half of what a man’s testimony is. They allow a man to divorce a woman and leave her on the street penniless if he so desires. They allow men to have their wife stoned to death with just the testimony of the husband and we are supposed to think of this religion as civilized?? or even the least bit moral and upstanding?? NO! I think not! But then I am a woman and my thoughts, according to Islam, are not worth half of that of a man’s!

paedophile and a cross dresser, lovely

o.k guys,your telling me that the false prophet and his divine revelations only happened when he was cross dressing in his child brides clothes,somehow this all kind off fits in with the whole messed up drama that is have a murdering,raping,slaver who races across the arabian desert in his child brides robes and supposedly god only comes to him when he is dressed up as a women,obviously we need to give the best dressed prophet his due,for his support of the 7th century cross dressing community.not only was he the supposed champion of womens rights,he now is shown to be centuries ahead of his time, by being a cross dressing,flamer and supporting the rights of all his army to dress as a women and receive divine revelations,how divine darling,.we all know the younger generation has the ins and outs of fashion,so yeah, who would want to wear the baggy old hajib of an elderly wife, when you can go a blazing through the sandy dunes with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair and make a statement,in your child brides clothing and also receive the odd revelation while doing so.i can see why all the in fighting after he died, because who was the next in line, after the best dressed drag prophet to wear aieshas clothes,wow talk about a cat fight in the tents that night,the men all made up and nowhere to invade.well back to the present,so if i heard right the muslim community, especially the men should be breaking out their best dresses on friday night prayer meetings to receive revelations from the god of their drag dressing prophet,i think i will quietly stand outside a mosque this friday to see whose a good muslim and who isnt,because as far as i can understand,all good muslims must immeulate their late, great cross dressing prophet,so fellas be careful not to trip over your dresses on the way to the mosque and dont forget that spring is here now, so wear lighter colors,thank the lord and my savior jesus that he commanded me to love my neighbor in a spiritual manner and leave worldly things in the world,i could never match a purse with a dress,my wife tells me i can,t even match colors,so dave and sam keep them coming, love you guys(in the spirit),doing a great job…peace to all that seek it…

I think it’s sorta sweet that Muhammad was in touch with his inner whore sharmouta.

so after all the true research on muhammed, what i gather is he was a: warmonger, liar, murderer, peodophile, pagan practicing, demon possessed, cross dressing “prophet?” Am i correct on this conclusion?

Good one. The examples you expose reveal so much contradictions and false doctrine about the Quran/Haddith, its to the point where if anyone can keep overlooking the obvious duping by the evil one who is out there to deceive, in the end come Judgement, you do Not have any excuses. The True God even allows for these false messengers to trip themselves up with their ludicrous behavior and false assertions. Thank you for exposing all of it.
Christ Lord Himself said Luke 8:16 and this also applies to those walking in the Light of Truth exposing the dark ways.
NO ONE after lighting a Lamp covers it over with a container, or puts it under a bed, but he puts in a lampstand (holds it up for everyone to see the Light), that those who come in may see the Light. For NOTHING IS HIDDEN that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known or come to Light.
So take care (Muslims) How you listen, for whoever Has (that is the Light who is Christ Lord who is the Light that came into the World when men loved the darkness) to him MORE than he has already is given, and whoever does NOT HAVE (Muslims you do not have Salvation from Christ Lord, the Light in the World), even WHAT HE THINKS HE HAS, SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM, The ONLY Word that lives on is what God said BY HIS OWN MOUTH in the Bible, His Word is from everlasting to everlasting. Psalms 119:89 YOUR WORD oh Lord WILL LAST FOREVER, IT IS ETERNAL IN HEAVEN, and Christ Lord said He came to fulfill the Psalms. Those who follow HIS VOICE, follow the TRUTH.

Jim Jones had nothing on Mohammed for psychosis and perversity.

haha Aisha is just like lady gaga to propet mohamredus…

@Mehta Z err… I’m not sure what context you meant the quote from John 14/24 to be taken in. Please feel free to expand

@Mehta Z I am a Gnostic not a christian, so arguments about the merits of Jesus vs Mohammed do not apply to me. Both Muslims & Christians commited genocide on my people, & these events are recorded in history books as they are fact. Another Fact is that neither Jesus or Mohammed wrote down what they believed, it was all written by others after the fact. & the earliest written account of what Jesus possibly said was supressed by the Catholic church ( the Gospel of Thomas). As for Jesus forbidding wine that is untrue as the christian bible states he turned water into wine for the consumption of his followers & as for circumcision, All americans ( who are 90% christian) are circumcised @ birth due to the influence of Kellog ( the breakfast cereal manufacturer ) who claimed @ the turn of the 19th/20th century that it would have an influence to make children less likely to masterbate & his beliefs had a major influence on the medical practices in the usa ( even though the man was an absolute whack job my modern standards w/his perscribing women have carbolic acid poured on their clitoris’ to make them less horny ). I believe all people have a duty on a secular level to behave rightly & respectfully to each other & both men & women are equal in all rights & that no one has the right to force themselves upon another for any reason, based on what was written down by their followers only mohammed did that & is confirmed by the tradition of sharia law. I find that people who think that the only way to have a “just” society is to enforce some religous book/beliefs upon All people have absolutley missed out on GOD’s message of Love & Tolerance, something both Muslims & Christians have made a mockery of w/their wars against one another

That doesnt change the facts! Repent forsake and give up your sins and follow Jesus Christ before its too late.PLEASE!!