Muhammad's Companions React to Uthman Burning Their Qurans

Uthman, the third “Rightly-Guided” Caliph of Islam, notoriously burned the Quran manuscripts of his time in order to conceal the differences and issue a standardized version. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi insists that the entire Muslim population agreed with this decision. Islam’s most trusted sources, however, tell a very different story. David Wood discusses the issue.

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I’m about to go LIVE with the Apostate Prophet on his channel. Here’s the link: Mohammed Hijab's Cowardice (David Wood and Apostate Prophet) - YouTube

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This Muslim scholar is so deceptive in so many ways. How do followers believe such a so-called scholars?

“When you burn the Quran you are not disrespecting it, infact this is the way to respectfully dispose of it”.
What about the Swedish Quran riots YASIR? WHAT ABOUT THEM?

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The only ignorant one here is u brother sh yaser forgot to say this but at the time of the prophet the Quran and hadith were both being written down by the companions of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)and the prophet told the people to stop writing down the hadith cuz the prophet knew the hadith and Quran where going to be mixed together if they don’t stop writing down the hadith
So what happened was the Quran was revealed in seven dialects for the people for everyone to understand so what uthmaaan did was made the Quran into one dialect we have these dialects till this day btw so don’t try and say the Quran is defected when u don’t have knowledge to back up these false claims…
the Quran is perfect and will never be changed and my challenge for is to bring 1 surah(chapter) like the Quran
Allah told us this in the Quran:(قل لئن اجتمعت الانس والجن على ان يأتوا بمثل هذا القران لا يأتون بمثله ول كان بعضهم لبعض ظهيرا)

allah says if mankind and the jinnkind come together to make something like the quran they wont make it even if they are helping each other (i.e mankind and jinkind helping each other)

When you can no longer intellectually debate and have lost the argument this is the result to burn a Quran.

muslims know the true colour of islam first hand doesn’t come from islamic scholars themselves

They had Quran focused Muslims and unity focused Muslims. Reminds me of Protestants and Catholics.

Both the Quran and the Bible contain some truth but are inerrant. Both books suffer from textual corruption. The sacred manuscript of nature is the greatest “holy book”. Get out the house and get back to nature. This is where you find the Almighty.

No toleran

“Perfectly preserved”??

In your face kakkalakka!! Hooked lined and sinker! You totally smashed the theorie David. Thank you!

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Show me where one original Quran master copy that ever existed, where? There isn’t any, it’s a myth.

I think we should have burning quran day to show them that we all respect the quran.

We need to call Zakir Naik to clear the air

Step #1 use the Bible to prove Islam.
Step #2 when your opponent asks you to simply read the next sentence claim that the Bible has been horribly corrupted.
Step#3 when all else fails start yelling Allah Akbar and pull out your swords.

Qadhi You’re the biggest liar your story have big cathem not holes ,the best way to get rid of Quran not only to burn them, then why the Egyptian throw them in the Nile river you liar big
hole in your cover up, the best way to get rid of it is in the chachma
You must kill to go to
Jehanam what a filthy
Book of the zaraniks…

I’m Mormon and I love this :joy::joy::joy: I watch you and Sam alot all though I disagree with the trinity I still love your work :pray: