Muhammad's Dinner Guests

If you really want to know whether Muhammad was a true prophet, look no further than Qu’an 33:53, where Allah gives a special revelation to Muhammad’s dinner guests:

“O Ye who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet for a meal without waiting for the proper time, unless permission be granted you. But if ye are invited, enter, and, when your meal is ended, then disperse. Linger not for conversation. Lo! that would cause annoyance to the Prophet, and he would be shy of (asking) you (to go); but Allah is not shy of the truth. And when ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it of them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not for you to cause annoyance to the messenger of Allah, nor that ye should ever marry his wives after him. Lo! that in Allah’s sight would be an enormity.”

if you are widow and believe in Islam you can remarried but in the Quran saying that Mohameds widows should not get married. NOW that ayat made me leave Islam. that says mohamed was being selfish. …cant be Gods word.

Don’t hate Islam, God would have never had send a 3rd and final messenger if the devil didn’t distort the words of the previous message. Blame Satan yalla ya shrameet

This show is wrong

Anyone else laughing there ass off Feb 2019? :joy::joy:

Mohamed and his god were pathetic

You both fuckers , cannot understand properly . Make a video on Jesus is false God.

Wow really these boys will see on the day of judgement when they join the ranks of those who denied Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and other prophets (peace be upon them.)

In their illogical arguments and their immature demeanor they closely resemble all the deniers of all previous prophets.

When Allah the Almighty gives Muslims the commands for etiquette it not only applies to the Prophet himself (may peace be upon him) but resonates through all our daily affairs.

Nobody with any manners would show up to a dinner so early and leave so late. Too bad those making this video obviously know nothing of etiquettes, virtue, manners, or respect.

These guys are total idiots. First he attacks the Prophet for having many homes, claiming “he doesn’t sound too poor to me!” But unaware that they view the life of the Prophet through the narrow lense of their own experience. Pitiful excuses for human beings. Do you not realize the Prophet (peace be upon him) constructed these homes from mud and logs? And real estate wasn’t exactly competitive at the time when their cities were surrounded by thousands of miles of open land. I hope nobody takes these ignorant fools seriously.

Can take 20 percent of their war boots, with sword and terror at his disposal, but shy to say times up, I wanna fuck these hell creatures! Beyond modesty and absurdity at best : a bad over kill in unneeded deception. Don’t pee on my on my face N call it rain! Unless you are deranged by divine providence… an exercise in based madness all through. Sin gives hell justification… nothing man or divine warrants such based perversion of everything God or man!

Arrogance is not from a man off God. You guys have revealed to me this man was a false prophet

the religion of peace did it again, endless copts killed, a regime that does nothing to protect christians. only one religion kills time after time and that religion believes that their religion is the best. How dare these muslims come up with their shit about how beautiful their religion is. Bizarre. That religion can go to hell.

hahahah fucking quran lol how the hell can anyone believe this bullshit… i am an atheist the bible is rubbish too but kudos to these guys for exposing the bullshit in the quran

Rather than arguing if the sword verses were for self defense this verse should be spread about to prove to Muslims the Quran was made up by Muhammad who is obviously laughing his ass of at all of his followers like some crazy stone age pedophile cult leader.

Love you guys…! The Spirit of the good Lord never fails,cease. its unending. Glory be to God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen…!!!

“I have a revelation from Allah! He says ‘Please guys, stop wiping your feet on the carpet. You’re tracking mud all throughout the house and the Hoover’s just not picking it up. Also, for God’s sake, if you see that the milk carton is empty, just throw it out! And do I’ …ahem… I mean 'and does my prophet have to do all the dishes around here!?”


Of course, anyone can google black + stone + mecca and see for themselves what the muslims ( = Aramaic mashlemiin “overgivers, betrayers”) are actually longing to kiss and venerate. Yeah, it’s still litholatry and paganism even if there’s just one stone. (A stone encased in a silver vagina… well, Al-lah certainly seems like a rather moody character, and a favorer of violent thugs… hmm… :wink: )

who said Quran is evil? see its funny as well :wink:

BIble says SUN is a stationary star and Quran says sun is not stationary but see the modern science concept which says that SUN is not stationary but is revolving revealing Quran is the unchanged word of God and glory to Quran which told that 1400 years if you can prove sun is not stationary i will come back to christanity watch DR ZAKIR NAIK videos on 1)Scientific errors in bible and also VIDEO OF 2) SHEEKH AHMED DEEDAT DESTROYING CHRISTANITY IN 8 MINUTES you will know that prophets have been said as bastards CAN THIS BE WORD OF GOD SAYING ITS PROPHETS AS BASTARDS NOW FIRST WATCH THAN SAY SOMETHING