Muhammad's First Meeting with Gabriel

According to Islam, Muhammad received revelations from Allah through the angel Gabriel (Jibrail/Jibril). In this video, David Wood and Sam Shamoun discuss the earliest Muslim historical account of Muhammad’s first meeting with Gabriel (from Ibn Ishaq’s “Sirat Rasul Allah,” p. 106).

Keep doing what you here for David by giving us Jesus in our hearts.

Revelation, prophecy have been given in a noble Godly ways not like some spirit choking him to receive the message from god.
They mistook a devil , shaitan for anjel GABRIEL W T H

David Wood is ignorant & Joker. He is doing Evil Work.

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What a load of rubbish. David Wood doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He blatantly lied in this video.

Mohammed was wrong not to judge his revelation

There are so many points of correction in your this video. Challenge me and I shall bring my points.
Dear Christian brothers and sisters, this man is misleading you.

BLESSINGS and prayers over you David and Sam.

Lol, its funny watching this after he got destroyed by muhammed hijab

See it wasn’t Gabriel, it was Satan Dunh dunh dunh

Wow. Thank you for this important information I’ve never heard before. It helps me to understand the Islam better.

islam is lies lol

Utter bullshite. Md was actually grazing some sheep, but was too tired, and so this lazy ass prodigal kid went to sleep in the cave to hide away from doing household chores. And he overslept and had some weird dreams. Realising the time, he ran out of the cave. When asked, he spun a cool tale. Now, the villagers in those good days were very naive and so gullible, that they sucked up his story about a voice. Md got the clue and kept spinning tales, and these simpletons blindly believed him… Thus, today fanaticism rules the fan club following. It’s called Islam.

Assumption is for the illiterate. I do not point fingers, but may we all be given the true gift of knowledge.

Everyone in this comment section needs to look up what the description of a bible accurate angel is. Guaranteed if you ever saw one, you would shit your pants so fast. Y’all are too used to the Roman pagan image of Cupid and Puto and think angels are humans with wings lmao. Bible describes angels as truly terrifying beings, thats why they always start with “be not afraid”

i can’t find the surah in any of the muslim sources can anyone pass me a link it is important

Marvel Not For Satan Himself is Transform Into an Angel of Light

Abraham was approached by Angels that looked like Men. He revered them but always called them Lord. He knew they were sent from God, even his nephew Lot when he was asked to leave Sodom and Gomorrah recognized they were men of God. Mary and Joseph were approached by Gabriel, they never thought they were possessed and obeyed. You see a trend.

Love watching your videos.
Thank you Dr David Wood for the good and hard work you are doing. You are an inspiration and saving lives everyday.
God bless you and your family​:fist::heart:
Thank you for sharing :pray: