Muhammad's Fly-Wing Medicine (Fun Islamic Fact #9)

For fans of Islamic “science,” here’s Muhammad’s amazing science lesson on flies and the diseases they carry!

Here’s the full text of the video:

Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an, whenever jihadis go on a killing spree."

According to the Department of Entomology at Penn State University:

“House flies are not the neatest of insects. They visit such places as dumps, sewers, and garbage heaps. They feed on fecal matter, discharges from wounds and sores, sputum, and all sorts of moist decaying matter such as spoiled fish, eggs and meat.”

The pest-control experts at Orkin add:

“House flies are recognized as carriers of easily communicable diseases. Flies collect pathogens on their legs and mouths when females lay eggs on decomposing organic matter such as feces, garbage and animal corpses. House flies carry diseases on their legs and the small hairs that cover their bodies. It takes only a matter of seconds for them to transfer these pathogens to food or touched surfaces. Mature house flies also use saliva to liquefy solid food before feeding on it. During this process, they transfer the pathogens first collected by landing on offal. Diseases carried by house flies include typhoid, cholera and dysentery. Other diseases carried by house flies include salmonella, anthrax and tuberculosis. House flies have also been known to transmit the eggs of parasitic worms.”

So, flies carry a variety of diseases on their legs and hairs, and they transfer these diseases rapidly.

The illiterate, seventh-century, Arabian caravan trader who declared himself to be a prophet, Muhammad, a different kind of exterminator, had a very different view of flies and disease.

Sahih al-Bukhari 3320:

Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet said, “If a housefly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.”

Sunan Abu Dawud 3844:

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said: The Messenger of Allah said: “If a fly falls into the vessel of one of you then immerse it, for on one of its wings is a disease and on the other is a cure. When it falls, it falls onto the wing on which is a disease, so immerse it fully.”

Think about all of the mistakes in Muhammad’s brief science lesson. First, according to Muhammad, flies transfer diseases that are carried primarily on their wings. In reality, flies spread diseases that are primarily carried on their legs and hairs.

Second, according to Muhammad, the diseases that flies carry are only found on one of their wings. In reality, this is stupid. Germs clearly don’t know how to select one wing over the other.

Third, according to Muhammad, when a fly falls into your food or drink, it always lands on the wing that carries the disease. In reality, this is stupid, too. How in the name of probability would a fly always land on the diseased wing?

Fourth, according to Muhammad, the wing that doesn’t carry the disease carries the cure for the disease. In reality, this is extremely stupid. As we’ve seen, flies carry typhoid, cholera, dysentery, anthrax, salmonella, and tuberculosis. Do Muslims really believe that the cures for typhoid, cholera, dysentery, anthrax, salmonella, and tuberculosis are all found on whatever fly wing is sticking up when a fly crash-lands in their hummus? Have Muslim researchers at top universities discovered the cures for every disease carried by flies, simply by extracting the cures from the cure wing (when they’re not busy studying the health benefits of camel urine, of course).

Fifth, according to Muhammad, when a fly lands in your food or drink, you should dunk the fly to make sure you get all of the cure off its special healing wing. In reality, by dunking the fly, you’re exposing yourself to even more pathogens, which are transferred from the legs and hairs that you’re dunking in your food and drink.

Welcome to Islam, the religion that can help you catch typhoid, cholera, dysentery, anthrax, salmonella, and tuberculosis—if you take its prophet seriously.

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can I ask why are u deleting comments cure has been already found in fly right-wing now do you still have the audacity to face millions of people do you know this is why the bible corrupted they believe in everything and want to answer others that why it is flat in Bible but we would never do that because we believe in our God And prophet


Islam is extremely stupid.

soo there is a ‏research saying it true fly have a medicine google it but even if you think about it how fly dont die from the diseases whice they cary . and the nearest one to a terrorist is you you insulted and despised a billione and half one . but you dont see arabic saying bad words to none believers or other religions

This video lead too many to convert to islam as science proven this hadeeth. Lol thanks for this video and promoting our relegion

Rip … Scientifically proven now :ok_hand::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Islam :heart:

You have to be ignorant and low IQ to believe in Islam.

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The wings of the Australia’s Clanger cicada are bumpy, strewn with unimaginably tiny spikes. These teeny bumps give the wings a special ability, according to new research: the cicada’s wings are naturally antibiotic—they kill some bacteria on contact. The cicada’s wings, says Nature, are one of the first natural surfaces found with such a power, and the finding could potentially pave the way for new passively-antibacterial materials.

The tiny spikes don’t kill the bacteria by puncturing it, says Nature. Rather, “the rupturing effect is more like “the stretching of an elastic sheet of some kind, such as a latex glove. If you take hold of a piece of latex in both hands and slowly stretch it, it will become thinner at the centre, will begin to tear.”. Do more research!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Antibacterial activity and in vitro anti-tumor activity of the extract of the larvae of the housefly (Musca domestica) by Lixia Hou, Yonghui Shi, Pei Zhai, Guowei Le.

Read this article and many more of flies having antibacterial anti-fungal, anticancer, and antiviral activities if you care to be on the true path. Shame on you for being so moronic and misguiding others.

But science literally proves that :person_facepalming: You embarrass yourself like always do.


may Allah forgive you :innocent:

When you die, you will realize when you have to face Muhammad …
And remember, there is no 2nd chance …
So spread what you can afford, else diseases like corona are there and your SCIENCE has failed miserably …

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Housefly has its own antibody that protects from virus. That’s how God made the creatures.

“ If a fly falls in the vessel of any of you, let him dip all of it and then throw it away, for in one of its wings there is a disease and in the other there is healing (antidote)
(Al- Bukhari).

We are proud of our prophet Muhammad pbup and what he said he is the true messenger of Allah and we are proud of what he said

“Because science is wrong. Science still needs to develop”.Prophecy of messenger (PBUH) will not go wrong.

For all enemies of Allah who are laughing at our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), we will see the truth on the day of judgement.

Look up a fly called cicada, their wings can kill microbes.