Muhammad's Message Insults God; Paul's Doesn't (PvM 25)

In John 8:44, Jesus calls Satan “the father of lies.” If Satan is “the father of lies,” why does the Qur’an try to convince us that Allah deceives people for no reason and starts false religions? Muhammad’s message, unlike Paul’s message, insults God.

This video is the twenty-fifth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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For more on how Muhammad’s message insults God, be sure to watch “What Islam Really Teaches about God and Jesus”: - YouTube

John is a forgery by the way. A Greek pretending to be John one of the disciples of Jesus.
His Jesus looks more like Dionysus, the god of wine and son of Zeus…

Oh, and that Greek speculative philosophy about the Cosmos in the preamble of his book.

I deleted my comment that I made a yr ago as I was a coward, but, regardless of whether I like it or not, I must defend it even if I am afraid to face the enemy. As it is going to get me in big trouble if I dont.
So here goes.
Prophet Muhammad didnt inslut Jesus, Jesus is believed to be a prophet and messenger and one of the top 5 prophets and messengers in Islam. And we cant deny a single messenger, denying one messenger is denying all messengers.

Hi David, to make it easier to understand your points, please refer the god of Islam as Allah and the god of Christians as Yahweh (or simply God). In some language (like mine, Indonesian) there has been a misconception in translating biblical term ADONAI into “Tuhan” and ELOHIM into “Allah” and mixing the two and interchange them (it has been centuries for Christians in Indonesia saying ADONAI ELOHIM as “Tuhan Allah”. Saying Tuhan means Allah and vice versa). Now you see it’s kinda confusing, right? But now we start ommiting Allah in our Bible and not to pray to Allah any longer (change the word Allah into Father).

David, I’ve been watching these videos all day and I only have 1 question.

Are these videos part of a series?

I’m kidding! Obviously! That was just getting you back for the April fool’s day video!

Very interesting stuff. Thanks for the education. I’ve been enjoying your content for a while now. Keep up the good work!

Is there any way to get the audio to agree with the video? A good message is lost on many people by the very very distracting mismatch between the audio and the video.

this entire video is stupid, the foundation of this video is wrong for the beginning, therefore everything after is wrong.
you said that God deceives people by allowing fake religions to be created and by not showing everyone that Jesus wasn’t actually dead and so on.
for someone of you’re statues David I would expect more and you should know that God created earth and humans for us to be witnesses against ourselves, and in every religion no matter how corrupt, we all believe that he put us on this earth to test us. and in a test, you clearly do not help since you’re testing the individual. So by asking God “why he didn’t help us when humans started corrupting themselves” is because its clearly a test and they put themselves in that position and by doing so you would expect them to take themselves out of that situation which clearly failed and what also led to the birth of the last prophet which needed to be an uncorrupted religion so that.

my question is

why does god have to be punished to allow the sins of the people to be forgiven, if he’s god why can’t he just forgive them

Be warned my Christian brothers and sisters, be warned of False Apostle-Paul. Our Lord Christ warmed us about The Least: - YouTube James my brother, you be also warned of the Law Breaker Paul. Repent before Lord Christ. Don’t follow the Antichrist Paul! As he is no mere Apostle but a deceiver. Leave Islam and their lies and pray for them to join our peaceful religion

On whether or not Muhammad insulted God. That’s relative depends a lot on the point of view of your faith and what you like.

I believe that when we do not like someone, we will never speak well of that Person.

It is natural to do so. We Muslims have problems in agreeing with the theses of Paul of Tarsus, we just did not like him.

If Brother Dawood is here trying to make Paul better than Muhammad, he will surely find, then, that he does not like Muhammad. Just do not like to downplay and spread crazy and false interpretations.

But let me clarify Mr dawood, I think it necessary to tell you the following:

  1. That she should read the Bible very well, for she from the indirect voice of Moses says:

"For I know that after my death you will surely be corrupted, and will turn aside from the way which I have commanded you: then shall this evil overtake you in the last days, when you do evil in the sight of the LORD to provoke him to anger with the work of your hands . " (Deuteronomy 31:29)

  1. What does this mean? And it was Muhammad who said that? Or the Bible:

“How then say ye, We are wise, and the law of the Lord is with us? Behold, he hath labored in vain for the false pity of the scribes.” (Jeremiah 8: 8)

Where does Muhammad come in?
You are in conflict with yourself.

What the Quran does, is to evidence with basis and facts that what Moses said is true and happened, what Jeremiah said is true and happened.

What is your problem with Muhammad?

Maybe you dont like him. This is natural.

Brother Dawood is trying to do a good job, I just hope it’s to please God and save people.

However, Brother Dawood is making serious mistakes. I do not know if he is a theologian or simple follower, it does not matter much. But the first mistake he makes is to compare two personalities with different categories.

Paul does not bear any title of prophet, messenger, and there is nowhere in the Bible any prophecy concerning his specific ministry.

No one would agree that Paul was compared to Moses. It’s ridiculous to do that. Only if someone is distracted and does not know the structure of divine revelations and their representatives.

Paul has his place similar to Barnabas, John, Mark, Matthew, Luke, the 12 among others.

How to compare Jesus Christ with Paul? Joao Batista with Marcos or Barnabe? This is ridiculous.

Brother Dawood invited you to know the structure of God’s men.

Already Muhammad, he receives similar categories to Moses, Jesus, Abraham, David, Salomao, etc. All were prophets and Messengers of God directly.

They were People’s Leaders, they brought Laws of God and Books.

Irmao Dawood, before making ridiculous videos, study the information very well.

GOD ALMIGHTY bless u and ur family David :heart:

Thanks for this video bec I wrote on ur other video about Paul and Mohammed

perfect message

Keep trying to attack Islam, people are realising by the waves that it is the truth. May Allah guide you.

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."David wood is a false preacher!..

allah??never heard of her…

When he said ‘THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO MMM’ :joy:
I officially inducted him into my top 5 cool white people. He literally overtook my second place JIM CAREY. :joy::sunglasses:

With 2 thousand years of cultural and church history, the Catholic Church has lived through the darkest, bloodiest and worst ages. God will be faithful to his promise through Christ and His Spirit.

You are right but how can it be that Jesus who founded His Church allowed Her to be corrupted for almost 15 centuries until the arrival of one single man, which, based on his own authority, supposedly inspired by the Holy Spirit, refuted the authority of the only Church existent, the Catholic Church, which compiled the canon of the Bible, changed the Bible of the early Christians, changed the message of the first 15 centuries of Christianity, implying that the whole Church was deceived until his own miraculous intuitions? Technically this argument is reversible to Protestants. If God allowed His Church to be deceived for more than one thousand years and his message to be corrupted as soon as it was spread from the apostles to the Church fathers, who understood the figure of the bishop, the Sacrifice of the Mass, and everything else as Catholics understand it now, then His promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail is false… and He didn’t even warn us about a restoration through Luther that would have happened after 15 centuries of deceptions? Though He warned us about false prophets that will claim they know better than the Church…