Muhammad's "Revelations" about Historical Figures Destroy His Credibility (PvM 9)

Paul and Muhammad both talked about historical figures. But one of them was exceptionally careful, while the other was extraordinarily sloppy. Care to guess which is which?

This video is the ninth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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Okay I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and this is the first one that made me go “What?”. As a Hellenist (A pagan who worships the ancient Greek gods) I can tell you safely that Muhammad lied. Not that you needed this, but none of the stories of Alexander the Great say such nonsense. I am completely disgusted by this bit of information. Also I guess it is safe to say that Alexander was not Muslim.

Sir David wood pl translate into arabic,

Another great video. Great teaching. Thank you Dr David wood for all you do. God bless you :heart:

arabicquest are advertising the ‘goodness’ of the Quran before this video. Lol.

Here’s something funny DW, YT placed an Islamic ad prior to this vid!

You Rock,

I tell you something, most of the Muslims I know today, would believe anything they see on the internet (apart from the truth that matters of course)

This guy david woods is a liar like Paul…see how truthful is Paul compared to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
1,God said circumcision is everlasting.
Paul said it is not necessary.
2,Jesus said to fulfill all the laws.
Paul said laws are rubbish…
Now you can decide who is the liar…

This fellow david woods is such big liar and ignorant guy .don’t even have little bit of knowledge of quran and it’s revelations…
First thing it is not 100% sure that Dhul qarnayn is is an assumption by some scholars…
The story of Dhul-Qarnayn (in Arabic ذو القرنين, literally “The Two-Horned One”, alsotransliterated as Zul-Qarnain or Zulqarnain), mentioned in the Quran, may be a reference to Alexander III of Macedon (356–323 BC), popularly known as Alexander the Great.[1]

Dhul-Qarnayn was a well-known figure in thelore of the ancient dwellers of the Arabian Peninsula. The majority of traditional and modern scholars have generally endorsed the identification of Dhul-Qarnayn with Alexander the Great, but some early Muslim scholars saw it as a reference to a pre-Islamic monarch from Persia or south Arabia.[2] It has also been a matter of theological controversy amongst Muslim scholars since early times. In more recent times, some Muslim scholars have suggested other alternatives, for example that Dhul-Qarnayn may be Cyrus the Great instead of Alexander the Great.[3] There have been many different cultural depictions of Alexander the Great since antiquity. Similarities between the Quran and theAlexander romance were also identified in recent research based on the translation of certain medieval Syriac manuscripts


Muhammad bin Ishaq mentioned the reason why this Surah
was revealed. He said that an old man from among the people
of Egypt who came to them some forty-odd years ago told him,
from Ikrimah that Ibn Abbas said:
"The Quraysh sent An-Nadr bin Al-Harith and Uqbah bin
Abi Muit to the Jewish rabbis in Al-Madinah, and told them: Ask them (the rabbis) about Muhammad, and
describe him to them, and tell them what he is saying.
They are the people of the first Book, and they have
more knowledge of the Prophets than we do.’
So they set out and when they reached Al-Madinah, they
asked the Jewish rabbis about the Messenger BC of Allah.
They described him to them and told them some of what
he had
They said, You are the people of the Tawrah and we have come to you so that you can tell us about this companion of ours.' They (the rabbis) said, Ask him about three things
which we will tell you to ask, and if he answers them
then he is a Prophet who has been sent (by Allah); if he
does not, then he is saying things that are not true, in
which case how you will deal with him will be up to you.

  • Ask him about some young men in ancient
    times, what was their story For theirs is a strange
    and wondrous tale.
  • Ask him about a man who traveled a great deal
    and reached the east and the west of the earth.
    What was his story?
  • And ask him about the Ruh (soul or spirit) –
    what is it?
    If he tells you about these things, then he is a Prophet,
    so follow him, but if he does not tell you, then he is a
    man who is making things up, so deal with him as you
    see fit.’
    So An-Nadr and Uqbah left and came back to the
    Quraysh, and said: O people of Quraysh, we have come to you with a decisive solution which will put an end to the problem between you and Muhammad. The Jewish rabbis told us to ask him about some matters,' and they told the Quraysh what they were. Then they came to the Messenger of Allah and said, O Muhammad, tell us,’
    and they asked him about the things they had been told
    to ask.


David, Is it also possible that Mohammad realized he was repeating what he HEARD so the idea that he was preaching to the people of his day may also be false? He was repeating what he HEARD to a select group that were living under a common stone because he did not know those stories were widely known as false. Making a leap, Abu Bakr was simply avenging his lack of courage in protecting his little girl from what became painfully clear, a false prophet. Choosing to succeed and propagate the message of Muhammad was a survival decision, a means to become.

When writing religious views or revelations, one should at least be able to get historical facts right. Not muhammad.

The bible says that the earth is flat & covered with a Dom so shut the fuck up

I take the view that Muhammad was malevolent, not stupid. Islam is replacement theology, and so extant traditions must be repudiated by “revelations” that they are incorrect and corrupted.

May God bless you for exposing evil and revealing the truth. Have courage - God is in control. Happy New Year to you and your family.

I’m not sure how ironic this is, but an Islamic Relief ad came on before this video…
This is also my first comment ever on your channel.
I guess I’m no longer a silent viewer. God bless brother David~

Well said

It has been Satan studied purpose to bring havoc to this earth, by the Islamic teaching He seeks to alienate this people from the truth, misrepresenting the character of God. . .


Great series! Love your work, and pray that those who watch and listen will apply this wisdom in their lives!