Muhammad's "Revelations" Were Self-Serving; Paul's Weren't (PvM 15)

One of the classic signs of a false prophet is that his revelations are self-serving. The revelations give the prophet in question special moral privileges. How does this affect our views of Paul and Muhammad? Let’s find out.

This video is the fifteenth comparison in David Wood’s “Paul vs. Muhammad” series. Here’s a link to the playlist: - YouTube

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To see my brief discussion with Shabir Ally on Allah ordering Muhammad to break his oath about not having sex with his slave-girl, click here: - YouTube

LOL @ Revelation from Hugh Hefner

I would also add that in 2 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about revelations he had (in a very roundabout way), but also how a thorn in the flesh was given to him so he wouldn’t boast about those revelations

Seems like he was just making it up as he went or whenever he was called out.

Hefner was better than Muhammad. He didn’t kill,subjugate,persecute and robbed anyone.

Don’t forget Zaynab bint Jahsh, who was a wife of Muhammad’s adoptive son Zayd ibn Harithah. After they divorced, Muhammad was afraid of how marrying adoptive son’s ex-wife would be looked upon by the society, but then he got another revelation: “the adoption is annulled, Zaynab and Zayd are now total strangers to you, feel free to marry her.”

Muhammad the pedophil was using Allah as a toy.

6:08 :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Just imagine how bad Jesus was treated , I can’t even imagine .

Muhammad laid out commands he never did.
Jesus showed examples of how to live godly

i honestly think mo had 2 personalities like smigo

Why the heck did people even believe Muhammad in the first place? smh this is ridiculous

The deceiver goes around to see who he can devour, but
little old me thinks that Yahweh Is not behind the Quran or it’s "Prophet":thinking:

Let me tell you some thing, A prophet with out making any Miracle, I don’t what about you guys God judge I don’t Judge. Aisha 6 years old, I am really being confused, what about you guys, Christianity have respect for women’s Jesus said 1 Men can not have more than 1 wife because 1 is enough, women’s have wrights in Christianity, Is there women wright in Islam. If Jesus was a Prophet of Islam then why did he say 1 Man can only have 1 wife, because he is not just a prophet he is lord, God, Savior, Messiah who become a human because of our Sin. He become a flesh because of our sin.

I think one of the most obvious giveaways that Muhammed was not a prophet of God is how much the Quran and the hadith talk about sex. It’s obsessive. In the Bible you rarely hear any details about anyone’s sex lives and if you do it’s not described in near the detail that Mohammed and his companions describe sex acts and other things related to it.

An event can be pictured in many ways… Viewers … study it yourself. If you study about an idea, you need to study it from them, not from its enemies. And doors of Islam is still open to have your researches.
If you are thinking so , then why Islam is the second most populated? Ask even any converted man into Islam…
Study your self impartially…
Every thing has two sides… Know the both, knowing only one will lead to fallacies…

Looking at how the Quran is literally the anti-Bible and depicts the very same person that the Bible calls the devil as God, this shouldnt come as a surprise.
Wealth, lust, power, adoration of the people ARE Lucifer’s to give after all. And if thats what you want, hes goina be a very good God for you. Until the end that is…

There’s not much difference between Muhammad and Hugh Hefner to be quite honest. The former claims to be a prophet, and the latter doesn’t have a religion at all. Otherwise, they are both sexual perverts.

Muhammad :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: