Muhammad's White Grandson: Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi

Sheikh Muhammad Abul Huda al-Yaqoubi (b. 1963) is a Syrian Islamic scholar and comes from a family of Islamic scholars. More importantly, he is the 34th grandson of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. A careful look at Islam’s most trusted sources shows that Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi looks strikingly similar to the original Muhammad (history’s whitest prophet). Since Muhammad owned, bought, sold, and traded black slaves, we can only wonder why Islam is being promoted as a solution to racial tensions in the United States.

For more on Muhammad’s whiteness, be sure to watch these videos:

“Muhammad: The White Prophet with Black Slaves”:

“How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by Islam”: How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by Islam - YouTube

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lol you are stupid or what he is Syrian and they look white :rofl::rofl:

I can trace back past my 36th great grandfather and yet hardly share any DNA or culture with that man



All of this is intresting! But regardless of what the Koran say of whiteness…that fact remains that Muhammad is a descendant of the Abraham a (white man)/and the black slave woman name HAGAR and her son ISHMAEL who was half black,half white. It is a known fact that the Arab people come from Hagar bloodline.

This the statement of the one who knows little but thinks he/she knows everything

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Why you westeners are so fucking Obsessed with color, I mean you find him being white weird ? The defferent between westeners and us the esterners (asia) that we dont give damn about skin color but about achievments, you will never find an title of some eastern news writing *white Guy kill someone or Brown or black Guy… * in fact here the meaning of racism is defferent from the West is not involving the skin color but rather the ethnicity (chiness, Korean, indian, iranian…), we humans this days we called ourselvs to be advanced but in fact hell no we arent advanced we still didnt pass the obsession of skin color, even animals dont have this problem lol

OMG. U are the same guy who got distroyed by Muhammad Hijab and Sheikh uthman. Learn islam kido and then talk about it.

“This is the whitest man you’ve ever seen in your life” yes :joy:

Arabs and European
Are like
Native Americans and Chinese.

Arabs are not white
But Caucasian

Your interference in my home and abroad and in my religous matters was enough.

Were the Arabs at the time white as well? Why is Arabia brown now? Was Mohammed distinct among his fellow Arabs?

Given that all sons of Mohammed died in infancy and he was succeeded only by his daughters, if all these Seyeds who are supposed to be “descendants of Muhammed” were to be DNA-tested, what you’d get is a bunch of copies of Fatima’s husband’s Y-chromosome, plus some others who managed to sneak in (either via private adoptions or a Seyed’s wife becoming pregnant from an infidelity). So you cannot get a glimpse of the Y-chromosome of Mohammed unless you go to Saudi Arabia and dig his bones up from his tomb.

At least the Quaran and Hadiths were honest about something.

My shiekh is not white. Get that shit out of your head

Nice try. Prophet Muhammad is the only prophet in history to condemn all forms of racism explicitly.

He is from 34th generation of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, he is also my shaykh, I think people should read more about black slave ( hezrat Bilal habşi) you should read more about him , did ever Prophet Muhammad s.a.w discriminated him , did he even treated him like a slave , infact this black slave is the first man to enter jannah