Murdered and Burned for Blasphemy: The Lynching of Priyantha Diyawadana

Priyantha Diyawadana, a Sri Lankan man working as a factory manager in Sialkot, Pakistan, was brutally murdered by a mob after he supposedly tore down a poster that displayed verses of the Quran. Mob violence for blasphemy continues to plague non-Muslims in Pakistan.

For the Al Jazeera article quoted in this video (“Sri Lankan factory manager lynched and set on fire in Pakistan”), click here: Sri Lankan factory manager lynched and set on fire in Pakistan | Crime News | Al Jazeera

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I am from pakistan and Like 7 years ago my two uncle’s was also blame by blasphemy law one of my uncle was killed and one is saved by god
They are pastors

Pakistan is just like Afghanistan but with nuclear weapons :joy::joy:that line got me :joy:

Yeah, religion. It sucks. If you think that’s bad, you should read Numbers, chapter 5 where there is a law that if a man suspects his wife is pregnant by another man, he can go to the local priest, make a couple of offerings, one of which is a jealousy offering - yeah, a jealousy offering - and the priest will then make a concoction that can induce a miscarriage. The woman is to be summoned (removed to the temple by force) and told to drink. If she refuses, that is taken as proof of her guilt. If she drinks and the baby dies, then she was guilty. Only if she drinks and the baby is born healthy, is the suspicion against her removed. And of course, no penalty for the putz who accused her.

These barbarians just killed a Christian woman in Sokoto in Northern Nigerian on Thursday

Very violent religion gun sword are their culture

i laughed so hard at 05:18

The West should be more discreet in letting in immigrants into their countries. Politicians favouring emigration from such countries are actually disingenuously laying the path for taking their country back to the 7th century Sharia laws.

This is very silly and uncalled for on the part of Pakistan, a place where Satan has a seat

The horrific event doesn’t stop wherever there are Muslims, I am a citizen of Nigeria we are praying for the extremist actions to stop in the Muslim majority states (they kill people if they don’t accept Islam) and they claim being victimized in the Muslim minority states (ofcourse which is a lie they were probably just prevented from praying on the roads). A Muslim boldly told my friend’s Mum that he would kill his child if he/she converts to Christianity. Pray for us, we need to maintain our stand and fight back. Ofcourse with love, prayers and sharing the gospel.

Allah love blood and human sacrifices. There is no God but Allah , claim the Iblis.

Thanks for this upload, brother David! I just read the new tonight, 6 of the 80+ charged people are getting death sentence, 9 ppl sentenced to life in prison and the rest 2-5 years - Pakistan is like… idk, I only been in India, but - it least they got some of them I hope? Stay blessed you and ur family and to all the other christian subscribers and ex muslims here :goodvibes::100:

Ahhh the religion of peace… there’s NEVER been a loving religion like it before…one day soon sanity will prevail again and ALL those who have acted like a primitive caveman will be held accountable…all those girls and woman who have suffered at the hands of these lunatics will be held accountable…

Just your average “Moderate Muslim” doing their job.

Woodahu akbar

Love you David .God bless you​:pray::sparkling_heart:

This could be you David. Be careful.


I am literally shaking from watching this… the world is not safe!
Will I kill someone for insulting and speaking against Jesus??.. How dare me!
The man himself when he was been killed ask his killers to be forgiven​:sob::sob:

Help us oh God

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen