Murdered in Morocco: Jihad against European Tourists

The bodies of European college students Maren Ueland (from Norway) and Louisa Jespersen (from Denmark) were recently found by French hikers in Morocco. Ueland and and Jespersen had been brutally murdered by ISIS-linked jihadis, who slaughtered them in the name of Allah and posted a video of the attack on social media.

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Jihadists that been loyal to Bin Laden and Al-Quada, isis, Hamas are all hypocrites of what they preach to masses that are against Islam that is pretty much western culture and religion. For example Bin Laden liked to watch porn on internet, had a thing about :smile_cat:kitten pictures and 9/11 hijacker group of Atta’s was in a strip joint on their last night before carrying out the attacks and drinking alcohol which radicals also claimed is against islam. Even wanted to get escorts for sex but didn’t have enough for that. They just use Islam as to manipulate masses of people to control and do their bidding all for a promise of many virgins in paradise.

Well my brother was killed in USA by à white Christian men in Ohio and bcz my brother is muslim and the offender no one did à shit about it

To Muslims: How can you still remain in this religion of a lunatic prophet?

OMG :scream::flushed: shocking revelation!

I love this guy. Subscribed!

The Ripper deathsquad is on the hunt for all of you. We don’t give a damn about your religion or ideology mind your own business or we will kill you if you commit a sheep idiotic crime like in the name of religion. Name your God we will happily sent you to his paradise.

anyone seen the video.

“I am mvzl!m. I spread ignorant d@w@h in comment section and dont care about responses or what David says. Me Mad. Me no idea, me illoteraye dhooooooo”

Man… this is so sad. May they Rest in Peace. :pray:

I highly doubt the murderers took the time to find out they were from Denmark and Norway, THEN took the time to look up if Denmark and Norway were a part of the coalition against ISIS.
They see white person, they kill. That’s it.

I hope everyone open your mind, DONT EVER BLAME ISLAM IF IT FROM INDIVIDUAL THINGS, If your religious doing something like this, then we will do a statement about your religious being terrorist, they are not a true muslim, trust me, muslim is not like being teach to kill other people, and the Alquran can be write and being spread from any people, sometimes its not a TRUE alquran that we learn, please guys, stop blaming my religous, we are all human and not an animals, please.

Im muslim from philippines but baaaan morocco👿

Look, I am Muslim and I do what god says to do. You think that Muhammed is teaching us to kill and cause mass genicide. He isn’t. He is like the prophet Jesus. Maybe you forgot that the Quran is almost Identical to the Bible.

There are no radicalized Muslims, just Muslims, who are either ignorant of the Qur’an or Muslims who believe every word of what the Qur’ an preaches.

Religious extremism!!!

I realy am understand… Especially if you live in the land of muslim like i do

Islam and Arabization has ruined north Africa.

I drove around Morocco with a ethnically moroccan friend who has lived in Europe since her early childhood and hadn’t been back in nearly 20 years.

She tried that dressing like a “clueless tourist” stuff one day by wearing shorts (short pants) and a long blouse. Her shorts were mid thigh.

Let me tell you, it was quite a scene.

I notice people staring from the corner of my eye. At first, I assumed they were just curious about me. Nothing unusual when traveling abroad and look different. Nope. This was different. The guys looked thirsty.
Really thirsty.

When I figured out it was her exposed legs that was causing the scandal, I nipped that right in the bud and made her change.

I’m all for personal expression, but everything isn’t for everybody and you must know the limits.

Some western women don’t understand that some men are primitive. They are illiterate, ignorant, suspicious. Many know nothing but their own clan or tribe.

In some parts of Morocco, in the country or desert part, she
had to stay in the car. I went to the store or got whatever we needed. If I didn’t see women out, I took that as a sign that this is the backwards part and I wasnt looking to prove any points.