Muslim Admits That Jesus Is Better Than Muhammad!

A Muslim recently posted a comment explaining why Jesus is better than Muhammad. Is he right? Let’s find out!

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David, thank you :pray:t5: I love you like my own blood brother. As an ex Somali Muslim, I can not wait for your videos everyday. Whenever I get the notification, I stop whatever I’m doing to watch your videos. I really appreciate your work and how you’re exposing Mohamed. The lord Jesus Christ showed me the light through you. Now I share your videos every chance I get. My Muslim girlfriend broke up with me after I told her that I left Islam. She never wanted to listen to what I had to say. But now that I’ve showed your videos, she tells me she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. This is a woman who defended lsIam and Mohamed strongly. I’m seeing that she’s slowly but surely starting to change her mind. I might just win her back and thank you for helping me do that. In a way, you’re sort of my wing man :joy: But all jokes aside, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work. I’m also sharing your videos with all of my relatives in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya through WhatsApp. Brother Shino did such tremendous job translating one of your videos in to somali language. I’m hoping he will do more. May the lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family.

I can’t imagine having to come up with reasons why my prophet had sex with a child. Good thing I never have to. Praise Lord Jesus!

Muhammad ,is mercy to mankind and he will be forever

jesus is mentioned 25 times in quarn compared to Mohammed 4? jesus can resurrect the dead by Allah permission, Mohammed cant, jesus can heal the deaf and leapers, Mohammed cant, jesus will kill the anti christ, Mohammed cant, jesus will kill yajuj and majjuj, Mohammed cant, jesus didn’t rape women, Mohammed did, jesus never whipped his wives, Mohammed did, there’s probably a reason why Mohammed has a bad reputation compared to jesus. jesus is a prophet of Allah and the title “messiah” as a Muslim I agree with the twitter post I still don’t like when Christians say he’s a god that’s absolute false.

I’ll give mohammed my baby pig to babysit😊

استغفر ألله أحنا نوأمن بعيسي أنه نبي ليس رب وأن محمد أعظم نبي في تريخ البشريه هو الذي جعل العالم يخرج من الفساد ويهديهم إلي النور

You are a kingdom gift sir, may God keep you and preserve you. We love you :heart::heart::heart:

How there you even compare Mohammad to Jesus who is Himself God?:sunglasses::heart:

With the large number of Christians entering the true religion of Islam
Christians wish that Muslim would enter Christianity
To the extent that a number of Christians lie, saying that we were previously Muslims and then we entered the Christian religion 'and then reveal his truth :rofl:

To the extent that you rejoice and make an entire clip to find someone who claims Islam and says that he is Jesus bin Mary, peace be upon him, is better than Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Review your book in which things insult Jesus bin Mary
والله اعلم

I am a Muslim, but wtf.

I pray every other minute of the day that our Muslim Brother’s and Sisters want to learn the truth, instead of being taught to love saten!

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.


Colossians 3 21 VS Jami At Tirmidhi 407 Hadith

Matthew 19 13-14 VS Sunan Abi Dawud 4717 Hadith

John 8 3-11 VS Sunan Ibn Majah 2555 Hadith

I love a good bedtime story. Thanks Dr. David.

David you are devil in disguise,i believe that,your hell is waiting for you

Jesus is the real deal :pray:

Muhammad had a intercourse with women’s how he can be called a special messenger of Allah.All these are devil work.




-To Jesus the Son of God,

  • the result of adultery (Bastard),

-According to the Bible itself,

-That his Father Cursed,

-And made Crucified Shamefully,

-On the Cross of Golgotha,

-And left him Hanging,

-like a Cursed Hangman,

-Pasture with Flies,

-and maggots,

-On Whom Death Had Above,

-And On Whom Satan Pissed On His Head,

-After He Got Kicked In His Booty By The Romans,

-And That If He Was A Savior,

-He Should Have Saved His Own Carcass First

-Before you want to save yours,

-Or that of the others?


-To Jesus, the chaste,

-Son of Mary, according to the Koran,

-Who was raised to heaven by his creator,

-To protect him from the retribution of his enemies,

-Not allowing the latter,

  • not to touch even,

  • only one of his hair,

-Over Whom Death Had No Power,

-Who Is Still Alive,

-Who will return at the end of time,

-To Sow Order and Justice,

-And to rally the Lost Christians,

-On the Muslim Religion?









Judaism is true rel