Muslim Agrees with Me about Free Speech! (After YouTube Bans Him for "Hate Speech")

A Muslim sent me a message after the YouTube Trust and Safety Team banned him for “hate speech,” without any strikes or any warnings. He said he agrees with me on the importance of free speech. But how much longer before we’re all banned?

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This dude is sick :laughing:

Shut up

Hat off to the dude who wrote that.

In a video testimony about Wood’s conversion to Christianity he has stated that he was an atheist[2] in his youth, and that he had run-ins with the law by breaking into homes and later went as far as smashing his father’s head in at the age of 18 in an attempt on his life, claiming a belief that morality was merely societal rules that were beneath him.[7][8][9] He also said that after the assault on his father, Wood was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy) and was sentenced to ten years in prison for malicious wounding. While in prison, he said, he was confronted with a fellow prisoner named Randy[9] who was a devout Christian. Wood said he often challenged Randy’s Christian beliefs, initially claiming that Randy was only a Christian because he was born into a primarily Christian society, specifically the United States.[8] Wood stated that, while in prison, he and Randy frequently fasted, with Wood attempting to “beat” Randy at fasting, which eventually resulted in Wood being placed into solitary confinement under observation due to concerns over Wood potentially attempting to commit suicide by starvation. During this time, he began to read the Bible and participate in various Bible study programs in order to respond to Randy’s rebuttals (thus “beating” him) but it eventually led Wood to convert to Christianity in 1996.[9]

They have taken their scholars and monks as lords besides Allah , and [also] the Messiah, the son of Mary. And they were not commanded except to worship one God; there is no deity except Him. Exalted is He above whatever they associate with Him.
Surat.ut.tuoba #31

Yeah they’re murtad but you can’t murtad me

Umm, if his account was terminated, how did he send you that message? LoL

Is there maybe a link to the video that Youtube defended where there are calls for beheadings (as mentioned in the video)? It would be good to have a sample video to demonstrate YT’s hypocrisy.

Hi David, u tube has bought the what app n everything with it. Our comments are going to be curtailed.

"Muslim say I’m right "
David is just funny
It seems the word Muslim is your serious nightmare

My YouTube account got banned, am now a temu-Muslim. Am now a minority of a minority group


Eventually, we’ll move to a different platform.

That’s fair, but some really are not controlling anyone.
Jesus doesn’t want to control, for He even let himself be controlled and He ends up dead😞, it is about the “so much truth” that He says.
Anyways, there’s nothing wrong in letting yourself be enlightened of the truth, but for the devils… it is an issue, they won’t be able to kill, steal and destroy.
And devils who are on top doesn’t want just anyone to come up if they are unable to control them even if they are literally good themselves. Is this true or not?
Better if the good doesn’t want you to go on top, for they will bolster you first against the ones who are giving them the real headaches, the devils.

They closed my account as well…and still waiting for a reply as to why and proof as well. :unamused:

Is true CANDACE OWENS is exposing it too!

You should think it strange when everyone hates Chrisitans even though we’re kind and loving to everyone.

Almost like what the bible said would happen happened.

Rumble and Bitshoot?

La ila ha inallah muhammad rasool allah ali wali allah