Muslim Apologist Declares WAR on David Wood!

Muslim apologist MENJ has openly declared WAR on David Wood. Will David be able to survive the coming onslaught?

MENJ’s video (“I Am Declaring WAR Against David Wood”): DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST DAVID WOOD @Acts17Apologetics | The Muslim Apologist - YouTube

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ATTENTION! I won’t be able to post videos or do livestreams for the next week, because YouTube gave me a “hate speech” strike for my video “Global Persecution of Christians: Disturbing Trends.” Yes, YouTube has now declared that discussing the persecution of Christians is “hate speech.” You can watch the banned video on my BitChute channel: BANNED BY YOUTUBE: "Global Persecution of Christians: Disturbing Trends"

He sold his soul to devil. God is always with you dave my great brother

4:43 Vocab Malone is literally L I T ! ! !

They Can Keep Pulling Whatever Knowledge They Can. They Can Pull Out Whatever Wisdom They Desire, But The Truth Shall Always Set Us Free. Jesus Christ Is Lord Of Earth And Heaven: The Truth, The Way And The Life! Glory To God Almighty :latin_cross::latin_cross::latin_cross:.

1 year latah Spongebob guy voice

Crenge menge.

Idolatry at its best in Islam… Making Mohammed equal to idol, Allah.

Muslims response - always war, everywhere they are.

Gosh, this Menj is something out of a 50s Japanese movie. When he threatens DW, I see Godzilla stumping around Tokyo. Won’t end well, Menj.

Devid be flexin

The Muslim apologist is from Malaysia. He’s now my number one enemy. But he’s scared and will block me

david😂…u a fool

Muslim declaring Crusade. So be it. IT’S ON… since a very very long time. But the stupid problem us, its all about hate mongering than about defending n discussing the truth. Except muslim truth is loaded with lies n deceptions.

Thank you David for your exposure on this cult being lead by a false prophet. Keep up the God work and being fearless!!

Be extremely bless David, our Father
in heaven reward you for this ministry !!! Already many got saved from Islam in Jesus name and more on the way to salvation !!!
Hallelujah to Almighty Father.
May more muslims leave Islam listening such stupid apologist like this “Mench” :tired_face::face_with_head_bandage::+1::pray:

Thats a threat :flushed: he should be arrested. All you do is tell the truth, he obviously doesn’t read his Koran. God bless you David.

Shouldn’t this dude lookin for the Maitreya

Litterally you started a Crusade. Incredibile job.
You and your dear friend Nabeel will be remembered, both your stories are incredibly heart touching examples of what our Lord can do.
Emotions, in the end, are what nobody can ignore.
In Catholicism we have a special devotion for the sacred Heart of our Lord.
Christianity is true from the Heart to rationality to the most extreme imaginations of our mind.
It’s a path between those realms, a Way of Truth and coherence.
Stay strong, God bless you.

I love you DW.