Muslim Apologist Slams Muhammad!

The Muslim Apologist (aka MENJ) tried to refute my argument about the death of Muhammad. According to MENJ, Muhammad couldn’t have died from poison, because he died a few years after he ate the poison. Is MENJ right? Let’s take a closer look at Islam’s most trusted sources.

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Hello Dr. David, I’m a Palestinian and say you’re absolutely correct about the “ as if” it’s not in the Arabic Hadith next to it. I salute you for your time and effort to reveal Muslims dishonesty of translation.

To all muslims and non muslims who search for the truth, just keep searching for the truth. Read Quran by yourself and you will be realize the truth. This youtuber David is clearly a misguided person and I feel sad that he will go to hell if he dies a disbeliever. The truth is we don’t need to worry about this man(David) because if ALLAH will guide him to the truth then he will become muslim otherwise he will remain the same and that’s his destiny.

My god…If I had to choose a face to represent the dangers of inbreeding I’d have to go with Menj’s.

So sad that so many Muslims, although being nice, hospitable & kind people, remain lost in their sins; blinded by the father of all lies. Let’s pray that the God of all truth will set them free from this great and fatal deception.

God bless you Dw. :heart:

Is it ignorance or deception or both in Islamic leaders and followers???

Btw Mr David,sura 69:44-46 it refers allah as “we” and “us” .that might also indicate that islam isnt monotheism or they believe in a false copy of the Holly trinity.

He just proved that his prophet was killed by his own god :dizzy_face:

The commonest poison in Ghana isn’t these poisons rather, its broken glass. You heard me right. Glass. It’s grinded into bits and mixed with food. It kills slowly by severing your internal organs. It takes at least 1year to have a complete effect depends on how consistent u use it. If done daily, it could take months.

Muhammad: hey did u just call me a liar?
Menj: Shut up I’m doing this for your own good
Muhammad: Understandable have a nice day :v: peace :v:

I hope I said something a year ago about the fact that you should pray for Muslim apologist and others… Like you should pray for them along with pointing out there mistakes or lack of Education more like probably. We are supposed to love and pray for our enemies. I think that means we are to realize that no one is beyond God’s love and forgiveness and pray for them… Regardless of how we feel about them and ask God to help us see them like he does. What do others think? Please tell me I would love to know

I can’t stand his voice! it matches his face so well. =P

Hi there! Love your videos Brother
Also I’m glad you’re translating his English to English… Gracias!:grin:

Menj has all the winsomeness of a slug.


1.Okay in Ghana, when a woman wants to kill her husband and take his belongings, they grind glass into fine residues and mix it with their food either stew or soup. As u eat or drink, it severs your internal organs and slowly kills u. Of course this takes months and years to achieve its effects not immediately. Menj, u may wanna disprove us.
2. Menj: Roland spell books
Menj: wrong
Menj: the first o was to be second and the second first
Roland: okay
Menj: Dude I gave u two eggs one to fry and one to boil. U boiled the one u were supposed to fry and fried the one u were to boil.
Roland: dropped

Thats what happens when a culture values self honor and shame over truth and lies. Logic goes right out the window. Jesus specified the importance of having a love for the truth. Self honor(pride) at the expense of Truth is rampant in Islam and the perfect conduit for Satan to control them. Let the light of Jesus Christ pierce through the darkness in Islam and expose every lie in the name of Jesus Christ!

What’s up with the “We”? I thought allah was alone?

Why girls in islam are not allowed to have 4 husbands but men can have 4 wives ???..thats crazy idea i ever heard !!!