Muslim Apologists Say the Dumbest Things: Yusuf Estes Edition (Anthony Rogers)

According to popular Muslim apologist Yusuf Estes, the Catholic Church was founded three centuries before Christ . . . by Alexander the Great in Rome! As absurd as this may sound to anyone who knows anything about history, such historical blunders are exactly what we would expect from a man who follows Allah and Muhammad. In this episode of “Muslim Apologists Say the Dumbest Things,” Anthony Rogers goes through some historical mistakes in the Qur’an.

I think the Roman Catholic church gets it right on who Jesus is, but they are very weak in getting people saved.

I’m Muslim I love Jesus or isa son of mariya he was is Muslim not for jaws or Christian he’s Muslim and he is massenger off god

Read Quran urself… Finding truth is better then blaming others

Dhul Qarnayn is not Alexander the Great. This wrong fact alone proves that you have not done any research and this whole video is pointless
May Allah guide you to the truth

He was never a preacher or catholic priest he was up to in his neck been a con man in the west robbing people financially


At least he didn’t claim that Christians would be cannibals, would do incest and would worship donkey-head man on the cross… Yusuf knows Christianity better than many “Roman pagan apologists” in the 100-200s.

The woows are killing me​:joy::joy:.

mate you are an idiot! you dont even understand what you are saying! if dul al qrnain is your only comment,… youy should start reading those books instead of displaying them just to look intelligent! idiot!

That was not good. He said what
One sentence

Lol Samaritan Jews with Moses in the desert. :rofl: That’s the funniest and most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.

we was macedonian what an idiot

I think it makes sense that Islam has Strict laws regarding apostosy, I mean what’s more hazardous to an dumb cult like Islam is someone who decides to think rationaly and leaves the dumb cult than someone who doesn’t believe in dumb cult from the start.

Yusuf Estes is 100℅ certified Birdbrain…

“The Catholic Church was in buisness about 300 years before Jesus was born. Its on their website.” And of course he didnt show any catholic site ! LOLOLO This is islam. Affirmations without any evidence. Quran is the same . The saying of a single man PRETENDING that an angel spoke to him. An angel wich nobody have seen ! Hence Quran have no evidence , only blind faith in the words of a single one man ! LOLOLOLOLOL

I wonder how yosuf is native american, is america also producing crackheads?
It appears like he is from acertain village of accient saudia where all people didnt know how to read and write including allah himself(see 16:66, 18:84-87 and so on


catholic church was started by alexander the great, but he was a muslim according to quran. So which is right?

Islam exists on different timelines, lol