Muslim Caller Asks Christians about God's Love

Does God love unbelievers? According to the Qur’an, Allah has no love for unbelievers (Qur’an 3:32). According to the Bible, God loves everyone (Matthew 5:43-48). In this video, a Muslim caller challenges Christians on the Qur’anic view.

Yes God loves unbelievers

I think it’s quite beautiful when a Muslim converts to Christianity and sees that Jesus loves them… Because in Islam they have more of a works based religion. But with Christianity, it is all based on God’s grace. :slight_smile:

Religion should be judge based on its teachings. That’s it really. If a Christian kills, steals and dishonors their parents they do so according to their own selfishness NOT according to the teachings of the Bible. Judge a person by their choices, Judge a religion by its teachings.

Hell is wilful separation from God’s light.It merely amplifies a persons life on earth with God’s providence removed.
You become a demon for the devil.But with no power to hurt heaven.

I am a Christian but this a weak argument. God does have love and hate.Muslims can quote the Bible back at us.Sorry.We need to show that out Scriptures are not corrupted as they allege.

boom! great ending

David your so great at what u do my friend! U speak in love and great intellect. But above all love. It there a place I can give to your cause?

Hey Acts17Apologetics, I am a Christian and I am also wondering, to be fair about all of what the bible says, about the verses in our Christian bible about God hating the wicked. People say “well it’s an imprecatory psalm” but that doesn’t really help me. They don’t break it down far enough for me. I view God as loving everyone enough to die for us (John 3:16) so this is why it’s hard for me to reconcile John 3:16 with these other passages. Thoughts? (psalm 11:5, psalm 5:5)

There no where in your quran your allah said he love you or me personally…


Don’t be a fool Islam is cool

The thing is people God has redeemed the whole world in its entirety. He loves every single one of you. There is no hell for anyone. The only hell is on earth now and we choose it by living a life that is disobedient to God. How ever even if you are disobedient to God, He has still redeemed you. He loves you cos we are his children. EVERYBODY IS SAVED. God won’t be punishing you in hell thats for sure, thats the biggest lie going.
People will quote scriptures like ‘all those who call on the name of the lord will be saved’. Be careful, you are saved already, jesus died for everyone and you dont even have to believe it to recieve it. In context ‘call’ is more like to worship, praise and obey only God, if you do this there will be much blessing in your life, if you don’t you will have a shit life but you will most certainly not burn in hell for it.

great job guys

God loves what he made and god gave us aTen commandments law and the golden rule and the Royal rulesAnd his son who choose to pay for our sinsThat God real love

Every one in the entire world needs to BEWARE
of the SUNNI SECT right this instant. …Peace…

You guys are doing a great job, I love watching you.

If Jesus loves the unbelievers then why did he create hell?

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Why is it named Jesus or Muhammed?

Sorry I’m late with reply. God would not violate the free will of His creatures. He would not force anyone to spend eternity with Him. Not every person gets what they deserve, but everybody ultimately does get what they want. What do you want?