Muslim Convert Prays for the “Honor” of Killing David Wood!

Earlier today, I got a message from a convert to Islam, who said he’s praying that Allah will give him the honor of killing me. Religion of peace!

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I Pray that Jesus Christ will throw allah (satan) to hell durring the Judgement Day.

of course everyone in muslim hate you, after losing debate u eating al-fathihah -_-
but there is someone who pray to give you hidayah, but after sees all of your video, it seems imposible because you will never accept islam according to your “reinterpretation” , cause your heart has cold and hard. Even after you have lose many time in debate with muslim, you will not believe that you make Islam more stronger, thanks david, because your “reinterpretation” of your weak knowledge, a lot of people join Islam. Keep going, Masya Allah

assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, If ya are all true followers of Jesus, peace be upon him, why don’t u place ur head on the ground as he did and pray to our Creator of the universe, our heavenly father known by so many different names throughout this earth and the entire galaxy. Why not wear modest clothing just as he and his mother Mary wore, Jesus also known as his actual name Isa was a poor, uneducated positive human being that cared about humanities confused state of conscience about life’s purpose which earned him the divine guidance from our Creator, that goes for every profit including the last one Muhammad peace be upon him whom was considered too be the greatest man that ever lived according to Michael Hart, a well respected historian that know his facts. This is why Jesus is returning and not any other profit, the reason is because the knowledge of all the profits life and accomplishments is a guidance for all of humanity to live by, we can incorporate what we learn about them into our life’s and the final messanger of Allah/ GOD, lead by example so when Jesus returns he’s going too prove that Islam is the way of life and that we should all connect to our master the creator of the universe following Islam Just so u know this boy David wood is getting paid million’s too to support islamphobia, there is a perfect explanation for the nonsense he proposes against Islam. It takes time to discover the truth my pple, the devil’s ability is to deceive ur perception of life and clearly he manipulated every holiday u celebrate, like having kids believe in Santa Claus/ Satan’s claws instead of GOD the creator of the universe and have 80% of Christians worship Jesus which Jesus never said to do, by saying through him is the way to heaven, means, following his foot steps on how he lived and being here for the poor and the sick which known of u do at all, America is a majority Christian ran country and remember the 600 years of brutal slavery and racism, the kkk was founded by Christians, they came skin heads and now they are known as the white supremacists so technically it is a white man’s religion which happens to be controlled by the devil sorry for being blunt but it’s true. Now if u knew who I was B4 I reverted to Islam, that would give u a brief understanding of what a true practicing Muslim is, kind, humble, friendly, pious, generous, controlled emotions, respectful to woman, a defender of victimized societies being corrupted by greedy elite money hungry savages that don’t care about the destruction of our planet, we protect all places of worship, we don’t discriminate, we are true worshipers of GOD. May peace be upon you all. 1 love


Dave, hate will often blind you and kill your soul.

David wood is the best critic of islam. he speaks from my heart and delivers the message clearly and precisely.

I m just thinking what that guy would be feeling he has a video made out of this comment!!:joy:

U mean pisslam :kaaba::pig::kaaba::pig:

He’s not afraid to die :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hey why must anyone kill David Wood?
He is a Joker I always want to laugh at :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jesus is not God though

God Bless David Wood

Dawid u say so much evil about 1 true God whom Jesus pbuh n we muslims worship n unknowing say worst about our last prophet…Stay safe .After this life is only grief .You r so unaware of what you r doing.

Keep going, jesus is God :latin_cross::heart:

How would be the world like without 7th century problem.


One question: prophet of Islam did any miracles??

I m not actually angry at whatever u say cuz u r just illiterate making vids wont help from denying the fact that u got owned but Mohammed Hijab
Sadly u r just spreading hate
Muslims dont say bad to Christianity or call it fake